Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fishing In Heaven?

As I casted my rod into The Poudre River and the small streams of the Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado last week, a funny thought came into my head.  (Not that funny thoughts don't usually cultivate there!)  Will there be fishing in Heaven?  And if there is, would it be something beautiful like this scenery that I was looking at?  I'm sure it would be.  If we were fishing in a river, stream or a lake in Heaven, I'm sure it would be absolutely surreal.  It would have to be.

We know that a river flowed from the Garden of Eden.  And that on the 5th day of the creation, God created fishes.  For what reason?  For men to be sustained when needed and for our enjoyment in other times.  And that the Disciples... Peter, James, Andrew and John were fishermen by trade, should give us another inclination that fishing is good. They will undoubtedly be taken care of in Heaven.  So, I guess that there shouldn't be any worries if there is fishing in Heaven.  : )   Right? (Now, I just have to get there...)

Funny thing, when I Googled "Fishing in Heaven Pictures", this guy showed up!
Maybe it was because of "Uncle" Mel's new blog name "Rainbow-Chaser"... ???
Or because he is wearing that Heavenly T! shirt...

So, what waters remind you of a little bit of "Heaven on Earth"?  Well, for me...there is one in particular.    River X

Hey, I know that person waiting for the next Big, Brown Trout!

Big, Healthy, Mr. Brown Trout...

My 2nd trip with Rebecca on River X

As I await my third adventure to River X... I start getting that tingly feeling all over that something very special is on the horizon.  And even in a very odd year of Spring run-off and flooding, all reports are that the river is ready for the River Damsel to make her journey next week.  Oh, how I love Fall fishing...and especially in this river!  For the Browns will be hungry. 

And as always, we will take a bear over a mouse or a snake...well...maybe.

Ahhh...I can hear myself saying "Incoming!" to Mr. Brown Trout right now...

Rebecca's Mr. Spots...had a few teeth!

    And I have a bigger net this time around... Ha!

The road to "Heavenly Fishing"...Looks like a secret road too, doesn't it??

Onward...River Damsel.  Heaven...errr...River X is waiting...


  1. Have a great time in your little piece of heaven!

  2. Oh, you've opened a theological can of worms. :) And I have those "funny thoughts" too. Enjoy heaven next week...on earth!

  3. Stephanie - I love countdowns for fishing trips!

    EMB - Hopefully...I didn't offend anyone...just my perspective. I just can't believe that there isn't going to be clear, blue waters!


    There is a link to a Rupert Brooke poem called "Heaven" about fish in heaven.

  5. A post that says so much.

    Those browns are beautiful.


  6. Have fun on the trip...looking forward to the report from heavenly waters

  7. That is crazy that a picture of me, especially that picture, would come up on your "Heavenly" search efforts. Sure hope it is not a pre-indicator of things soon to come! I still have some fishing to do. BTW, River X is a pretty well guarded secret here in our country! Football shaped Browns are waiting for you. Happy hook ups. Oh, and thanks for the link to my new blog.

  8. Looks like a great place! That red-eyed browns is something else too. Those are some good brownies.

  9. Howard (WDSTK3)~ Thanks for directing me to that wonderful poem!

    Brk Trt ~ I appreciate the compliments.

    Sanders ~ It's always fun when you are fishing with RG, that's for sure!

    Mel ~ I always knew that you were an "Angel"!!

    O.F. ~ These browns are the best of the best...hence, a once a year trek is always on the calendar!

  10. Beautiful river! The pics remind me of a river we have here in Oregon called the Deschutes. The dry brush and deep canyons resemble the middle stretch quite a bit.

  11. Ninety % ~ Good guess, but not it. It is fun to find different terrain when on fishing journeys...from alpine streams to canyons and deserts. Love it all!