Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Rockin' 80's And The Blue Angels!

'Please DO NOT duplicate or distribute the following pictures without expressed written permission from the author...The River Damsel.  Thank you.  This is solely for your enjoyment and snickering behind my back...yeah, sure...go ahead. 

Thanks to OWL JONES, this post is going, where was the Damsel in the 80's...  Well, let me show you...

Ok...the Showman himself, David Lee Roth.  Yes, I camped out with friends overnight in sleeping bags around the old Salt Palace in Salt Lake City to get up in the front ten rows...and yes, it was AWESOME!!!
My favorite song has to be "Dreams" and I will have to post Sammy Hagar doing it up right.  So, I'm cheating a little bit here to give you the improved version.

Then, there were the Commodores and Lionel Richie.  I have to admit it.  Sorry...the end of the disco era in the 80's and yes, I camped out again to be one of the first in line.  I was famous for my red pants and hitting the discos...(No pictures, sorry.)  But, yes, I could dance.  Actually...I still can.

Many, many concerts.  Good times.  Then, there was baseball.  Always had the best of times at the ballpark.
Well, when you have up close and personal season tickets, you get hooked!  Go Angels!! (pocket camera)

"Cool" foil wallpaper!!!

 Then, it was off to college...moving from Calif. to Utah and learning how to ski...maybe I didn't plan that jump!!!  Haha.

Yes, away from parents and enjoying my new found freedom!  I really don't remember what this was all about!!  lol.

I was quite the prankster...surprising my roomate on her return from Christmas vacation...

Before "Rock Band" the video sensation...I had my own rock band.  Do you like my guitar?  What dorks!

Stripes were the "in" thing...not quite sure about the pigtails...

Best Friend, SaraMe, Pippy Longstocking

As I was all about baseball.
Nevermind the avacado peel...
What am I puckering up for?  No one would kiss that!
Do you see Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid?

Halloween in the dorms...I guess that we thought we were Sax 5th Ave.!!!

My brother got the Z28...I got the Silver Blue Streamer...
Ya, I borrowed his car a few fast is fast?

I am holding my cousin's pet skunk... 

Then, came an idea of dressing up for a college Halloween party...
And the next morning, I was at the drug store buying bleach because the "temporary" black spray didn't wash out!!!  Then, I looked like Rod Stewart with bright gold hair...ugh. 

Boots were popular...and look at that...a creek in my parents back yard!!!
(The answer would be no...didn't even think about looking for a fish in there...)

Matching overalls was just a little too much...I know.

The Fam...

That's All Folks!!  The college years of The River Damsel...!!
Who would have "Dreamed" that I came from such humble beginnings... 


  1. If the non z28 in that pic was yer car, I like it better, I was never crazy about the z28.

  2. AWESOME! I think you came out of your shell a good bit on this one! :) I loooooved the overalls!

  3. I swear, I had that exact blue leasure suit!
    Okay Garth!

  4. That was awesome! A young Damsel living the dream 80s style!

  5. Wow. So much in that post. I'm speechless.

  6. Ya know what guys...I'm speechless too. What was I thinking??? Oh well, done now.

  7. Well Damsel, you won for the most awesomeness post. You did take a large step out of your comfort zone on this and I loved it. So, no jokes or smarta** remarks. Great job!

  8. Thanks Howard ~ It was you know the real me!! Take it or leave it...And when you think my are awesome, that's a huge compliment! : )