Friday, June 24, 2011



Story #1 -You are probably wondering what's up with the title of this post?...Well, let me begin by telling you a little story about eyes...and in particular, my eyes!!  Unfortunately, I believe that a lot of us take things that are very important in life for granted.  We journey through life enjoying the beauty of nature, family and and many other things that our eyes look upon.  I really didn't appreciate my good vision enough...until 2 wks ago.  My vision all of a sudden got dramatically worse in my right eye and I am now just recovering from some extensive treatments.  So, things have slowed down on my blog the last little while. 

Now, I tell you this because everyone needs to protect their eyes...from wearing sunglasses while driving (glare) to wearing polorized sunglasses while fishing...(oh, please don't say that you learned the hard way on that! Ouch!)  And having those once a year check-ups at the optomistrist.  Because you never know when a little problem is going to crop up.  And did your mother always tell you to eat carrots?...ugh.  Did I just give you a Sunday Tippet a little early??? Ha.   


 "This is the little jewel that saved the day for me!!
The unique thing about this fly is the fibers of the fly all stand out under water, it is as if you was looking at a tiny porcupine under water, the fly comes in a size 8 hook." 
Bill Trussell...Fishing Through Life
Story #2 - So, I have been restless about my crappy eyesight and not too patient in wanting to get out again and fish.  So, I got the hubby to take me up to the Provo River last Tuesday.  Ok, I will admit that I was a little bit disoriented on the banks due to a poor sense of balance because of the eye.  But, well...I'm kinda stubborn when it comes down to something that I want to do...badly.  So, I stepped in a more shallow spot to see if I could wade at all.  No, didn't feel comfortable.  So, out I came!  I had some very nice streamers with me..Butt Monkeys and Sex Dungeons...swung a few...nothing.  Got tired and soon saw that the flows were getting a little higher...they increased the cfs by 200 that day...I decided to pack it up.  A beautiful day...but...challenging to say the least.

Ok.  So, back home I go.  Not to worry...back up plan in motion.  You see, I have this little fly (above) that came to me from Mr. Bill ...and I had a great idea.  The longest day of the year was not to go in vain without catching a fish.  I know of a little pond near my house that would more than welcome this little black gnat!! 


Sometimes LOVE is found a little closer to home... : )   I never imagined that I would pull this guy out within 10 minutes!  Right at dusk that evening...a beautiful thing... It was magical...I can't explain it.  A rainbow dancing in the air and almost saying to me...everything is going to be ok, RD...You just got to focus a little better and be patient!!!  Ha.  (I have to admit, it was a struggle to thread that fly on as it was getting shady...) But, I did it.


When Bill said that he had 15 blue gills in a cooler to take home after using this black gnat...I had to ask pretty please and wallah!  I got a couple in the mail soon after.  Thanks, made my, you made my last two weeks!!!  Feeling a little better now.  Blogger friends are special.  I really mean that.  I am now making a special wall mount for my room that has all my blogger friends samples of to keep out in an honorary way...and I fish with the others.  I will post a picture of that when it is all done.  Lastly, I am very thankful that the eye treatments are going well this week and hopefully, things will clear up within two time for that crazy OWL JONES to come out from GA. and fish the Provo with me!  Yes, it will hopefully be lower by then too...   : )  If not, the pond!!!  (Just kidding Owl...) mmm...maybe.

Well, who would say no to 17 - 24 inch rainbows and tiger trout???   Hmmmm?  And less gas to get there too!!!  Dah.  Don't get me wrong...I still love the river and I will always, always be drawn to it...but, sometimes...timing is everything.  And Mr. Rainbow was waiting....and a black gnat from Alabama. : ) 


  1. RD,
    I hope your treatments solve that problem.
    I to am scheduled for some eye surgery in July, the issue just came on overnight it seemed.


    Get well.

  2. I don't fish for trout, but those sure are some beauties. Good luck with your eyes!

  3. Boo...sorry to hear about your eyes. That is no bueno at all! I hope the treatments get you all spiffed up.

    Great fish, RD. Glad you ended your day on a super high note.


  4. the eyes have it. but don't those finger nails get in the way of threading your flies?

  5. RD
    I am so glad everything has turned out o.k. with your eyes. Yes we all sometimes take our eyes and even our health in general for granted, for we don’t know what’s in the future. As for the Gant it is not only a super wet fly but in your case a secret medication that was there to boost your spirits. Get back on those streams as soon as you can and land some awesome trout with the Gnat and some of those streamers. I am glad you consider this little fly worthy of mention and even more a wall display. This makes me think I am conveying some good information on my blog----I just wonder if there could be some more gnats in your future????

  6. Brk Trt - MAYBE those carrots gave Bugs Bunny eyesight and energy, but they just give me dry mouth!
    Kim - Thanks for the comments...
    Steph - Eye of the Tiger...sometimes you just have to tough it out!
    PS - Answer...Yes. I have cut my time by a 1/3. Still working on it!
    Bill - You're the best! Thanks again.

  7. I'm happy to hear everything will be okay with your eye! I can't imagine how scary something like that must be...the good news is, that you will be fully healed in time for CO in August!

    ...those fish are incredible...well done, and well deserved!

  8. I can answer that fingernail question: Yes. They do. I love RD, but we were tying her flies on near the end of the weekend for time's sake. :) LOL

    RD, you are the Big Sister I never had. I can't wait to fish your river or your pond, or just to get to sit and talk with you again and meet your husband! If we have to fish the pond, I am down for that. You know me, I'm flexible.

  9. When Owl says he flexible, it means he's unhinged...just sayin'.

    Damsel, I know things are going to work out because I've had my fingers crossed for two days now and I can't undo them.

  10. Sanders -It should all be cleared up in time for the trip! Can't wait to come out!
    Owl - Geez...I'm feelin those warm fuzzies that Troutrageous gets... : )
    Thanks for all the support Bro!
    Cofisher - What can I say...except it's great to have an Older Bro too...just don't blame me for your arthritis in your fingers later! Ha..

  11. Good luck, hope all goes well.

  12. eyes are my future profession, so I know what you mean. They are amazing tools, that are worth protecting.

    Glad you received care and are back on the water!

  13. Richard ~ I thank you very much!
    D Nash ~ Glad you are picking that line of is intricate stuff for sure... : )

  14. Great fish, great fly- bad eyes- so sorry you're dealing with that, but good to see that you persevered and went fishing anyway. Very nice post.

  15. FR- A great way to start my day today....much better sight today! YAY!

  16. RD - Sometimes what we think is a bust turns out to be something amazing. I think it is all about the trial of our faith and confidence. Way to go.