Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Brain, Use It Or Lose It ~ Sunday Tippets, Damsel Style


As I have started a new exercise regime back in March of this year, I have noticed that there has been something different about me.  And it isn't just the weight that I have lost.  It actually has something to do with my brain!!  Yes, that is correct...It is a well know fact that if you give your brain more oxygen, your brain is more alert and healthy...Walking or jogging is especially beneficial because they increase blood circulation and the oxygen and glucose that reach your brain.   But, did you know that "exercising" the brain will help with age related losses of memory?  I have been concerned about that lately, as when I hit that "official" middle age number, my mind seemed to be slipping in the memory category.  So, I have been hitting the treadmill and doing yoga exercises (thank you to Jennifer Aniston and her coach inspiring me) to improve the mind and the body...

Yoga  can put a smile on your face...besides toning  : )

Even in old age, the brain can grow new about that?  Severe mental decline is usually caused by disease, whereas most age-related losses of memory or motor skills simply result from inactivity and a lack of mental exercise and stimulation!!  In other words, use it or lose it!  So, I decided to get my rear in gear and start exercising that brain as well.  Not just by my physical excercise each day, but by mental stimulation...It's the mind-body connection!
 Here are some simple brain exercises...they might seem silly, but just doing a few of these each day will help stimulate your brain and rejuvenate!  So why not try it...

This is an exercise that can strengthen neural connections and even create new ones...

Switch the hand you are using to control the computer mouse. Use the hand you normally do NOT use.  What do you notice?  Is it harder to be precise and accurate with your motions?
Do you feel like you did when you were first learning to tie your shoelaces?

If you are feeling uncomfortable and awkward don’t worry, your brain is learning a new skill.

Try other neural building and strengthening exercises with everyday movements. Use your opposite hand to brush your teeth, dial the phone or operate the TV remote.

Don't let your brain turn to MUSH!!!

Sunday's Tippet ~ If we can put in 20 min of some type of cardio exercise (even a leisurely walk through the park) and do a few simple mental exercises like doing a puzzle, reading, playing a musical instrument, repairing something around the house, or even fishing!!!...our brain and memory will thank us!!  Good luck...


  1. First, thanks for the picture of Jennifer. Second, I hope you didn't make that pan of mush just for this post. If you did, did you eat it? Second, uh...wait, what were we talking about. I forget.

  2. Great post and good advice.--------In today's society individuals tend to lack the motivation to exercise. Just 30 minutes of exercise three times a week is something that is not impossible for most people. This country has way too many overweight individuals, and I live in the state with the most obese population in the nation--sad---thank for sharing.

  3. Well, I assume you wrote this post for all to connect with and weren't just thinking of me in specific. Great post and the information you bring forth is so vital. We are what we make of ourselves. Keep the Brain active!

  4. Cofisher ~ Glad to help wake you up on a Sunday morning!!

    Bill ~ Motivation is the key in most things...

  5. Mel ~ I wasn't thinking of anyone besides myself!! But, if it helps others...even better.

  6. Another great reason to tie flies and fish. This fishing thing gets better all the time.

  7. Mark ~ Ahh yes, you fly tiers out there, definitely have one up on me now for sure! (hint, hint to stubborn self)

  8. I'm not fat. I'm fluffy. Very, very fluffy...

  9. Jenniferrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!

  10. I have been typing this response for 14 hours now with my left hand. Hunting and pecking with my left hand is much harder than with my right. Thanks for the brain training tips!

  11. Pretty sure my brain doesn't have that many parts...

  12. Exercise (the need of) played a big part in my decision to buy the kayak to fish from. Every time I take it out I will do all my fishing, but before I stop I do a long, fast run of rapid pedaling (I have a Hobie with Mirage drive pedals). Never cared much for bicycles but love pedaling that yak! Great write-up Emily!

  13. Fluffy ~ Isn't that what you name a cat???

    Richard ~ Glad to make your day a little brighter...

    Brookfield ~ If you are tired, you can take a rest until next Sunday... : )

    Sanders ~ All I know is that you should have at least a left and right side of your brain...hopefully. Lol.

    Pam ~ You go girl...way to find something fun to do at the same time! Makes it a lot easier.

  14. This is exactly why I've taken to carp fishing lately: it feels unnatural, is totally unnecessary, I'd never do it in a crowd and it leaves me exhausted.

    I figure that'll do.

    Thanks for the tip'.