Tuesday, June 7, 2011

When Things Go "Thud"!

It was one of those days that only the most unlucky fishermen have...When everything that can go wrong, goes wrong.  It was a beautiful day outside and I started out early to video tape on my new video cam.  Video takes of beautiful mountains, a couple of lakes, and the only fishable river in Utah right now! Ha. Oh, I was having an awesome time.  Almost 8 am and already to the river after a few stops to take video.   Oh, a sign up to get my attention...

Ok...that really didn't thrill me.  The first bear sighting that I have seen posted in the three years of going to the Provo River.  Hmmm...only one other car in the parking lot.  What to do.  I would have rather been with a group of people, especially since it was early morning.  I kind of wasted a little time setting up and finally someone else joined me.  So, I followed them out...felt a little better.  Took a few more videos of the awesomeness of the Provo.  What a gorgeous morning it was!  No bear was going to spoil it for me...and I figured if he came anywhere close, I would throw him a fish...oh, you don't do that???  Anyway, as I walked a mile down the banks, I found the perfect deep fast pocket that I was looking for.  I had already lost a couple of flies due to snags under the water.  (Czech nymphing, you do that)   I could see some large boulders underneath that would make a nice hideout spot for a Bigerrr fish

So, I casted out a few times and finally felt a "thud"...could it be a fish?  Oh look!!  I have it on video...cool!  My vid cam was in the tree behind me...perfect.  I set, I prayed.  I pulled...nothing.  Just a kind of "thud"...weird!  It felt like another stupid snag in a log...so, I quickly jerked the rod to release the snag.  Still nothing....I was stuck.  Again...oh, great!  Here comes my fly back in the air to me!  And what is that???  A huge rainbow swimming away from me!!!  Yes, the biggest, baddest, bow that I have seen on the Provo.  How could this be?  It wasn't a fight to the end...it wasn't a fight at all!  That fish stayed motionless like a big rock.  And when I finally jerked hard, he had enough and off he went!  (I have it on good authority today, that this fish is the same fish that the fly shop in town knows about...he hangs out in this hole)... So, I will be back...Mr. Bowtrout.  Turned off video.

Then, my day just went awry...The next thing that went "thud" was my reel.  I have had my reel foot loosen up on me the last few weeks and finally it absolutely fell apart!  Back to the car I went...put on the old Cabelas back up...better than nothing.  At the end of my day, the reel was taken into the shop and they graciously sent it in for repair and gave me a loaner.  So, I'm good until it comes back.  Now, you know me and my two step...haha.  Well, there was some nice grassy, muddy bank.  And wouldn't you know it...whoopsy!!!  Down I went...right on my fanny...kept my arm up though, trying to save my fly rod from a blemish.  But, to no avail...the rod hit the ground with a "soft thud" (totally the truth) and wouldn't you know it...broken guide.  Ok...I can live with that since it was in the middle.  But, probably won't.  Then, to top it off, when I got home...my 20 something video takes were no longer in the camera.  OMG!!!  I couldn't believe it...I spent so much time taping all of these great sites for you to see...and absolutely nothing for my efforts!!!  So, sorry my friends.  I didn't take pictures because I had everything on video...or so I thought.      Some days are better than others, I guess.  

Oh, I thought that I would sneak in this 80's picture for Owl, since it is 80's week and I'm still working on finding my photos...Ya, that would be me on the left.  This was in Snowmass, Colorado, outside of Aspen.  I had some nice video of hot air balloons out last Saturday morning in Park City too...all deleted.  So, you will have to settle for this silly thing...Ugh.


  1. I love the socks. Hate that you fell and had such a bad day! Sometimes, fishin' is like that. And sometimes, the next time you go out - you get that big fish and it's all suddenly worth it again! Say, is that Leif Garrett in the background? Nah. probably not.

  2. Owl ~ I'm afraid that the socks show my "sporty" side...such a tomboy! Batter up...

  3. I'm just glad that you weren't attacked by the wandering bear :-) Just one of those days...sorry about the reel, rod, videos, and biggerfish...you'll just have to get the big guy next time!

    Great 80s pic!

  4. WoW, that is a bad day! When a fish feels like a snag, that typically means a BIG fish!

  5. Sorry Damsel, I know that this probably wasn't meant to be a funny post, but I laughed. Mishaps happen as they say and it's all part of the game. I like the photo at the top of your post...good idea.

  6. You know, some days you just shouldn't get out of bed. This was one of them. Sorry about your fall. At least you didn't get a rock in the middle of your back, like I did the last time.


  7. Sanders ~ Yes, the bear would have capped off a perfect day!!

    Brookfield ~ The next "thud" of a fish is being reeled in...slowly.

    Cofisher ~ You have to laugh...and laugh hard.

    Shoreman ~ The Bruised ego takes longer to heal than the bruised knee..all is well.