Saturday, May 14, 2011

What A Frenzy!!!...Sunday Tippets, Damsel Style

There are times in life that well...things don't go as scheduled.  Your best made plans just take a detour...sound familiar??  I have worked on a post this week and then Blogger decides to shut down for a few days and WHAM BAM !!!  My "draft" is only pictures writing!'s gonna take another day or two to have a memory jolt of what I had down before.  Life is a Frenzy sometimes!!

SUNDAY TIPPET:   If you are a blogger and a post is ready to publish...just do it!!!  Don't wait for Blogger to be down for a couple of days and then say that service will be "back to normal soon"...

A Frenzy Madison Rainbow...
In the meantime, here is a good type of FRENZY!!  My friends over at Fly Fishing Frenzy had their annual trip to Idaho and Montana just recently.  When they came back, all they could do was post beautiful trout pictures that made me want to go back and fish my favorite river...The Madison!!!  Go over and read about it...If you have Facebook...go put a big hit on their "LIKE" button and follow along.  They have great fishing info and awesome videos!!  A few of these guys are from Utah and I have had the opportunity to fish with them...Anyway, check this latest piece out on the Madison.  Gotta Love The Maddy!! And the riffles...


  1. I enjoyed the video. Too bad it was during the winter. I'm tired of snow, rain and cloudy days.

  2. Fantastic video---before I hang up my fly fishing rods, I plan on a trip to the Madison. This is on awesome trout river!!

  3. Jay ~ Yep, MT's finest trout.

    Cofisher ~ That trip was two weeks ago...They just have had enormous snow pack this year!

    Bill ~ Oh, you must take the trip worth it!!