Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Step Right Up...It's The "Hillbilly Swag Bag" Contest!!

Well, I couldn't wait any longer...Is there anything better than finding out that there is a contest  that is REALLY EASY to enter?  Well, you got it here, folks.  And I'm not joking!  I was presented with a "Hillbilly Swag Bag" on my recent visit to the Owl Jones homestead  in Georgia and I am going to give THREE lucky contestants a swag bag of their own!!!  All you have to do is follow along...

1. FOLLOW my blog... (Which most of you are doing already) So, click if you haven't.
2. FOLLOW this post with a comment on how much you like swag, hillbillies or RD (ok, you don't have to comment on me...ha!)
3. FOLLOW my Facebook Fan Page  (Maybe a few of you still haven't because...?) Click that "LIKE" button...Great! (This will be optional for those that might not have a Facebook account)

You could win one "Gift" and one "Goodie"!

Once you accomplish those items, you will put yourself in the most terrific "Hillbilly" contest...well, ever created here on The River Damsel!!!  Ok, it is the first of my very own contests, but who's counting...So, follow, follow, me and get your entry into the RNG pool of lucky numbers!  I will be running this contest for 6 days starting NOW!!  Last day to enter is Monday, May 9th at 11:59.9 pm CST...due to the fact that I have "Fish Tuesday" off, you know! So, by Tuesday evening...we will have three winners...that's right!  More chances for you to win...isn't that great?  And if your number is called and you do all three items above...I will add a 3rd little treat in your swag bag. Cool?   Note:  **Only one entry per person!**  And this contest is limited to those who live in the U.S. due to shipping costs...sorry!

Here are the items up for grabs...Each one of the three lucky numbers selected by the RNG , will get one "Gift" and one "Goodie".  The first lucky number will get a deep trout fishing net, the 2nd lucky number will get a Montana Fly Box (gotta love the Brown Trout design), and the 3rd lucky number will get a Magnetic Rod Holder (As seen in a recent post of mine)  Really...pretty cool swag!!!  And I'm adding a little "Goodie" for you to take with you on your outdoor journey...well, who could go without?

And why am I giving away all this awesome stuff?  Well, it's very simple...Because this is kind of a CELEBRATION!!!  That's right...just my way of saying THANK YOU to all of you readers out there and blogger friends that have given me so much support since I started all of this on Nov. 24, 2010...

A couple of milestones that I never dreamed would happen in my first five months, let alone at all! Ha.
1.  Over the 16K mark on visits...(1k is probably me! ha)
2.  Over 100 followers that pretty much come back from time to time!!
3.  80 posts now in the bucket...when I was planning on doing half that many!  LOL.

Some interesting facts about my blog that you might not know...
1.  I do know what my website address is...  Thanks, Clif. : ) 

2.  The most popular posts so far have been and in order...It seems that everyone enjoys my follies!! ; )
     a.    No Artificial Anything Added (Thx, RG and Mr. Mouse!)  Over 500 hits and still on ticking... 
     b.    Where Hard Work Takes You - Sunday Tippets, Damsel Style (Why #2...I really don't know!)
     c.    The Never Ending Riffle (My favorite kind of water...)
     d.    Adventure on the Dark, Provo River (Darn Rock Throwers!)
     e.    Taking Idaho By Storm (Well...when you are with the Outdooress and Cardboard Kirk...)

3.  I owe my blog header design to two very special bloggers and friends...Owl Jones and Cofisher.

4.  There have been over 500 hits on that silly page "Who is RD?" (Like I'm really going to tell you!!! )

5.  My favorite color is BLUE. probably already guessed that!

6.  If I didn't have such a fun time fishing and writing about it...well, I wouldn't have this blog and you        wouldn't have this contest!  I am officially "hooked" with both...



  1. Check! Check! Check! Any swag with beef jerky is awesome! How nice of you RD :)

  2. I see sour Gummy Worms. Now that's a contest worth entering! I also enjoy hillbillies. Especially Hillbilly Jim of WWF fame. His match in Wrestlemania 3 against King Kong Bundy and assorted midgets was awesome.

  3. RD, love your blog. You're providing a great additional voice in the Blogosphere. And, I love swag -- I have no net (yet), can always use more fly boxes, and I dig the rod holder. Wish me luck!

  4. I have my eye on those gummy worms.

  5. I'm thinking sunflower seeds. That's all us hillbilly wannabe's need is a little seed. Thanks RD!

  6. I was going to come up with something snappy and witty about hillbillies, but Howard's post on noodling is more eloquent than anything I could come up with(Especially the video.) So I'll just ride his coattails.

  7. That magnetic rod holder is mine. Come'on lucky RNG!

  8. trolli bright crawlers!! MY FAVORITE!! I have everything but the facebook cause I am a hermit and don't have an account :(

  9. Deep down I think I am a Hillbilly at heart. At least, I am from the backwoods of Idaho! I have followed, posted, clicked, and now I am waiting for some swag and gear and chewies!

  10. I probably won't qualify for this little giveaway do to the fact that I may be the last human not on Facebook...that being said, that hillbilly bag looks awfully familiar...all it's missing is the Mountain Dew of course!

    I have a good friend that moved to NC from Fargo ND out of high school who I consider a great hillbilly. If you are ever in Winterville and want to hear a funny accent, ask for sounds like Mater from Cars had a love child with the cast from the movie Fargo...

  11. Yeeehawww! Being a KY gal I love me some hillbillies! Who doesn't love swag and jerky? Love that RD too and have to fish with her in the not too distant future.

  12. If Jack Link's jerky is hillbilly, count me in. I think "Messin' with Sasquatch" would definitely qualify as hillbilly entertainment if it was real, but we all know Bigfoot is just a myth... or is it?