Friday, May 27, 2011

A "Berry" Good Time...

When the wind started blowing and it wasn't getting any warmer, it was time to move to a new location...and fortunately, two great reservoirs are relatively close to each other.  And saying that, it is funny how different they are.  A 15 degree difference today.  Strawberry was a balmy 44 degrees and Starvation was a much warmer 59 degrees!  haha.  A couple fish...your normal 16" rainbow and cutthroat...The Berry can deliver up to 26-28" fish on occasion.
At a 5,710-foot elevation, Starvation Reservoir has a surface of about 3,300 acres when full.  Fish species include walleye, smallmouth bass, and brown trout. 

Strawberry Reservoir is at 7,600 feet with a 17,200-acre surface area.  Ice fishing is very popular during the winter months. (And there was still scattered snow pack on the hills surrounding the lake)  Fish species include rainbow trout and cutthroat trout and Kokanee salmon.

In between the two reservoirs, is the Strawberry River.  And it surely has the snowpack run off going on!  You can see the nice "chocolate" color today...Yep, this river won't be ready to fish until July.  Quite a bit of flooding in the surrounding areas too.

A nicer, more friendly Strawberry River in the Fall...A very peaceful place!  The water flowing from Soldier Creek Dam into the wild Strawberry River is clear and cold, even during the heat of the summer. One reason I love it...cools you off!!  It supports a good population of large browns and cutthroats. If managed properly, this stream could become a "little Green River," offering excellent fishing for trophy-sized trout. 

So, Day 1 of my 4 day weekend has started with a couple fish and some clouds rolling in...again!!  Now, it would be just my dumb luck to have rain the next three days...  Oh, wait!!  Check that.  The weather report said that only Sat. and Sun. will get rain... And guess what we get for Monday, Memorial Day??  A "Frozen Mix" on the Provo River and 39 degrees!!!  Would June come already???!!!  : )  I'm ready to go to Sea World where they are training their whales to do some new tricks!
Footnote:  Not worried about the "Frozen Mix"...It could actually be a very good fishing day!  Now, where are my thermals???



  1. Wow, those are beautiful large bodies of water.
    The kokanee, do you fish for them, and do they take a fly?

  2. I am actually starting to miss all the steelhead action that i had back when it was cold and snowy, it has gone downhill for me as far as catching anything lately.

  3. walleye, brown trout, and bass oh my!

    Sounds like the "berry" can produce some good fish

  4. Don't know when, but, the Strawberry River picture looks like a place I would love to visit someday. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Happy Memorial Day!

  5. Brk Trt ~ I hear that you can catch the salmon on a fly...I have not tried it...yet.

    Luke ~ Time to take that "downhill" out of your vocabulary!!! You are just in a "holding" will change soon!

    Blake ~ I confused you...those species are in Starvation Resvr. The Strawberry has Rainbow, Bonneville Cutthroats and Kokanee Salmon.

    Mel ~ Yes, it is a wild fishery that has beauty all around...make it down here!