Thursday, May 19, 2011

Paradise Island...Take Me Away!!! Again...

When you are stuck in winter for longer than four months (snow yesterday), strange ideas start popping in your head.  Like, maybe it's time to go to the Bahamas!!!  Ok...Las Vegas is closer, but really...So, I look back at my vacations and start day dreaming about the ones that had nice beaches and warm weather.  And a slight breeze to relax you and fan off the bright sun glistening over your tan body.  Sound good???  Oh yeah.  Believe is!


I want to go ATLANTIS...On Paradise Island!!!  Where the beaches are filled with white sand and the ocean is a beautiful turquoise blue.  Where you can eat the most delicious meals and be pampered by day spas. Ok...I don't know about that...but, it would be nice to enjoy a one hour massage. When we went to Atlantis, it was on an all expense paid company trip.  Dave had earned the trip by being at the top of the sales team for the insurance company he worked for.  So, we just enjoyed...
The only part that didn't go over too well with me was the "small" plane that went from Orlando to Nassau.  I wouldn't call it a crop duster, but it sounded like one!  A very loud engine.  Ugh...yeah, well once there, it was all forgotten.  And I swear that the other plane coming back was bigger!!  When I saw the ocean below from the plane...and the beach, it was breathtaking!  And when I landed my feet on the tarmac...I was definitely ready to get on with the fun ahead!

You will never find me...way out there!!

 The hotels that are part of the Atlantis Resort are remarkable.  They are well taken care of and the amenities are amazing.  You can pretty much get your fill of fun.  From waterslides that go through shark tanks to jet skiing in the ocean to chartering a boat to scuba or snorkel or fish!!  It's all there.  If I had only been interested in bonefishing at the time...darn it!  Another reason to return someday.  Adventure to the max at this resort!  Golf anyone??  A beautiful course.

And if you are not as adventurous and want a lower keyed vacation...they have marvelous entertainment and casinos.  Karaoke anyone?  Dancing?  And you can go over on a boat to Nassau and visit the straw market.  But,'s not the same as Mexico.  They do have higher prices for the Americans and you have to really work at the bartering to get a good deal!!  I did pick up some purses for my girls that were a deal. 

There are many restaurants and choices for meals while you are there.  From expensive to moderately priced to snacky type stuff.  It's all there.  But, if by an ocean, why not try the seafood...right?  Our meals were mostly catered for the company meetings.  But, we did get to try some of the food in the restaurant and it had a great presentation and tasted wonderful.  And bring on the drinks and snacks while laying out in the sun or under your covered/ cabana like lounger. Ahh...a perfect way to relax!

Inside the hotels, they have fish aquariums feel like you are walking through the ocean!  All the walls are glass with all types of fish and ocean fauna.  It is breathtaking!  Tropical paradise inside as well as outside.

And so many pools for you to enjoy and even pools for a few stingray!!   I enjoyed this guy feeding the rays..."Here kitty kitty!!! They were amazing to watch.  

The highlight of the trip had to be the waterslides...They are the most amazing slides I have been  on...The  Aztec style slides allow you to race against another person (clock included).  There are also other slides that you just go down by yourself, or you have the option to slide down and under the water through a plexiglass tunnel that goes through a shark tank and back outside into the wading pool!! 

I got sprayed!!!
The opposite glass is where you slide through the tank underwater!

And everyone loves a dip in the hot the end of the day!
(Or anytime!!!)

Well, I'm feeling much better now that I have refreshed my memory with what warm weather is like...I was starting to forget!!  So, if you think that this looks like fun...I highly recommend going someday!  You won't be sorry you did...And bring a little extra change for that bone fishing lesson!!!  Next time, I am!!!... ; )  Sorry to run a travel log here, but, I figured if I threw in a few fishy photos, you wouldn't mind...


  1. looks like it was a very nice trip. A happy, content look on your face. Where's the bikini showoff picture?

  2. Howard ~ I told you that you wouldn't find me in the snorkel pic!!! WAAAY out there! : )

  3. I want a beach vacation! This looks like just the place - too bad it won't happen in quick fashion.


  4. Steph ~ Make it your 10th anniversary... : )

  5. What a trip! Sounds like a fantastic place....and a place that is well worth a thought or two on a cold spring day :-)

  6. Howard, I will send you a copy of it. Although, there's not much to it since the copy RD gave me has black marker scribbled all over it.

    Looks like a nice place to be hot. uggh. I'll take my mountains. :)

  7. All of these pictures and I don't see any from a charter boat fishing adventure! What gives?!?!?!

    P.S. I wanna go too

  8. Sanders ~ they say some thoughts need to be put into action...hmmm

    Charlie ~ It might not be me...check a little more closely. are you sure it isn't Helen Hunt???!!!

    Brookfield ~ This trip was unfortunately taken before I ever put a fly rod in my hand. I didn't know about the obsessive pastime that I was going to undertake someday!! = )