Sunday, May 8, 2011

Technical Difficulties...Sunday Tippets, Damsel Style

Have you ever had one of those days or weeks, that everything technical just gets botched up and everytime you touched your project, it just got worse...and to top it off...your patience is wearing thin and you just want to blow up the whole thing?  I had one of those weeks.  Actually, I few of those weeks!  Ever since I got back from the Smoky Mountains...I have been all excited about the videos and pictures that Owl and I made in North Carolina.  But, I don't have all the tools to make it happen.  I have been dealing with dial up internet (for some reason everyone else has DSL on the block)...oh, it's so hard to download pictures and videos...virtually takes 30 min for each one.  Why am I so tired lately?  Yeah, too many late nights trying to put it all together.  Well, no more.  I have finally reached the breaking point and I called Wild Blue to install a satellite dish for the high speed internet.  Why Oh Why...did I not do this sooner?!  Well, I was hoping Comcast Cable or Qwest would save the day and get me off the waiting list...well, its been too many years now and I gave up.  So, Tuesday...I'm going to be a happy girl! 

Then, after my blessed Droid phone had an untimely death last week, (after one year 3 mos), I ordered up a new Droid X and I thought that I could shoot a short video at the river a few days ago and post it here.  Well, ya...not that easy.  I guess if you shoot more than one minute of vid, you cannot download into your computer.  Probably tried five different methods to make this work.  The video is not that spectacular by any means...but, I thought it would be fun to share my day with you by vid...Just kind of a whim of an idea, anyway!  So, it looks like the Kodak Playsport camera is next on my list of purchases. I'm giving up on this one.


Sunday Tippet ~ When experiencing "technical difficulties"...don't start yelling or stomping your feet.  It just adds fuel to the fire.  Your problem will escalate.  Remain as calm as you can and find help.  There is undoubtedly someone with the expertise to figure out the problem.  Stay humble and realize that sometimes there is a learning curve...If you can't find the help, give it up.  Let it go.  Time to put your efforts into something less time consuming and frustrating.


  1. RD,
    Had a tech nightmare just last week. I was fortunate to have some help in getting things straight.

    You make some good points.

  2. The big hammer is the route I would be tempted to take with electronic/digital hiccups. I think they call it "percussive maintenance".

    (I thought maybe you were holding off on the Owl video to see if he'd cough up a little hush money.)

  3. That is the worst swinging of a sledge I have ever seen; worse even than my scrawny arms can do! Glad to hear your getting high speed internet, I can't imagine surfing the internet (people still "surf" the internet, right?) on dial up. It's impressive that you've done it for so long.

  4. It's bad enough that fly fishing nickles-and-dimes you to poverty - a new rod here, a line there, a few leaders, on and on - but blogging about it just accelerates the slide to ruin. Satellite internet, video-capable camera, trips east, etc. You, my dear, are hooked.

    Welcome to the club.

  5. It's probably the Comcast or Quest guy that has the answers. By the way, the video is pretty good. The scenery part (sorry) is spectacular. Happy Mothers Day Em.

  6. Let's just say guys...that I'm really looking forward to TUESDAY!!! Good times will be rollin' soon...