Monday, May 16, 2011

"Southern Soaked" To "Southern Fried"! Finale


Our Signature Hats!
Continuing on with final chapter of being "Southerned Soaked"...Yes, Friday gave us our best fishing day on "Blogger Weekend" until it started raining in the late afternoon.  And then the rain continued until mid-morning on Sat.  But, no worries!  There still was much fun to be had.  I mean, you have three crazy bloggers who love the adventure of fly fishing as much as actually fishing!  (Well, at least I do)  And so, the next morning we headed out to see how much havoc the rains caused the night before.  Yep, pretty much 2 ft higher and blown out.  We had our fried pies and cinnamon rolls for breakfast and we were off again!  

Water seeping from rock walls along the Smoky Mtn. loop...

In search of higher elevation water that might bring some clarity and fishable waters...we journeyed on.
Saturday's road trip brought me to many beautiful areas of the famous Blue Ridge...The Smoky Mountains are amazing!  Everything was so green.  The guys were feeling bad for me traveling out so far to not get ample time on the waters.  But, they really didn't get it.  I came out to meet them!  And to see some beautiful country that I haven't seen before.  Owl was great to drive all over creation! 

In front of the Blue Ridge

We took many pictures and videos...oh yes, Owl's favorite thing to do.  Watch out if you ever go visit  Owl...heehee.  But, seriously, I thank him for doing that, because I never get pictures or vid of me on the river.  : )  So, the search for streams up high in the Smokies of NC and TN continued...All around the Blue Ridge Parkway we went...I brought my music, but we always ended up talking instead!!  Bloggers...

Nature Walk

We stopped at a visitor landmark and now I can say that I walked on the Appalachian Trail...And so can cardboard Rebecca and Howard!!  We had made it to Tennessee...and it was beautiful also.  Just to find a few brookies!  Ha.  After finding out that another river wasn't going to flip the bill, we headed towards a campground that was one of my favorite parts of the trip.  
A fun picnic w/ some gourmet hot dogs!! 

Owl loves to cook...and he treated us to  "gourmet" hot dogs and more of that awesome Stewart's Key Lime soda...yummy!!  And of course, more boiled peanuts.  And something that I passed on, but the guys like pork rines...ugh.  Pass the BQ chips, please!  There were also some nice bear claw marks on the dusty trash cans...

The campground was like the prettiest thing that I have ever seen...thick with foilage and green, green, green!!  And so many little waterfalls trickling through...awesome!   The river was well...High and Fast!

A "Time Out" as the waters are up 2 ft the next morning!


 After visiting Mark's favorite little "secret river", (where I learned to do a bow and arrow cast for the first time), we headed back to camp for dinner.  The skit for Owl's "Saturday Night Live" video took place around a campfire.  A little fire turned into kind of a raging inferno!  Owl put just a little too much timber in the pit and we soon had a bonfire!  Nothing like grabbing bottles of water to tame it down with...haha.  The meal was delicious as promised.  We had big, juicy ribeye steaks with taters, squash, and peppers...grilled perfectly.  And a few s'mores too...My compliments to the chef!!

                              Owl letting Rebecca fish..
The next morning, (Sunday) after a comfortable night on the air mattress in the SUV... (no  mice), and I'm not too sure if the guys in the tents were as comfortable btw...I thanked Owl for making the reservations of this fine campground as it had hot water/showers and a heater in the bathroom!  No roughing it this time...!!!  We said our goodbyes to Mark as he headed back to South Carolina (and caught some rainbows on the way).  Owl drove me over to Bradley's Fork and although still high from the storm, we were able to get out and wade it for a few hours.   It reminded me of the Amazons or something!  It was like fishing in a jungle...I want to go back there someday for sure! 

 All in all, it was a trip where a few outdoor bloggers met for the first time "offline" and enjoyed their time together, telling stories and joking around.  The "Southern Hospitality" and a warm welcome made this trip one to remember.  A few new friendships, a few fish, a few days being a roadie and finding beautiful, scenic terrain in three different states, NC., TN., and GA. ...what more could I ask for?   And to cap it off, when we got back, Mr. and Mrs. Owl brought me to the BEST BBQ that I have had in some time!!

Does this look good???  Burnt Ends, Fried Green Beans&Okra.

 So, I could say that I started as "Southern Soaked", but in the end... it was the "Southern Fried" that reminded me that this was what it was all about...a cross country trip for a "Western Yankee" to meet some "online" friends from the South that quickly turned into "offline" friends.

I think that Owl likes his hat!!! (A little thank-you)



  1. Sorry everyone for making this a little lengthier than usual...soooo many pics that I wanted to post.

  2. A wonderful photo journey.
    Those streams are beautiful, especially the one in the 7th photo, would love to fish that one.
    Good food too.


  3. Looks like a fun filled adventure....great pictures! the food alone looked like it was worth the trip :-)

  4. Brk Trt ~ Sanders...I'm thinking that the food did make up for the bad weather!!! It was a fun time just trying out Southern specialties of food that we don't have out here in the West.

  5. Looked like an awesome weekend! The photos are gorgeous. I really liked the one of you (?) fishing in the stream. Great shot!

  6. I enjoyed every word of it and every picture too. It's never too lengthy :o)

  7. I'm glad you were able to find so many bright spots on a fishing trip with very little fishing.

  8. Kim ~ Thanks for stopping by! Check out the earlier post on the trip too...

    Pam ~ You are way nice...thank you.

    Mark ~ It isn't always about fishing...but, next time...I think it ready!!

  9. Great post! I have watched several of owl's video's and have laughed through them all. And that could I eat a whole lot of that!!

  10. What a fun trip - even though it was rainy! Great photos, and that bbq looks lip smacking good!


  11. I'm glad you were able to find so many bright spots on a fishing trip with Owl! Seriously, I know you had a good time. Glad I'm back.

  12. Like Mark, I'm just glad you weren't some grumpy-guss that went into a rage over the water being too high. ;) I don't think we could have had a better time, considering. The water through the rocks are called "seeps" and the pork rines and "Pork Rinds" and you didn't get a picture of the fried green beans! :) LOL

    It was alot of fun and maybe next time, there could be some actual fish. ( And I do LOVE the hat, although I only wear it out to eat and such. I'm trying not to get it dirty so I can wear it a long, long time. :) )

  13. Brian ~ There were even more vids that we didn't post...Glad you enjoyed it.

    Steph ~ I love BBQ...anywhere, anytime!

    Cofisher ~ You are awaiting departure though...sorry. No rest for the weary!

    Owlee ~ The green beans are there if you look closely. And wear the can always order another one, silly!!

  14. The food, the friends, the scenery, and of course the fishing what more could you ask for. Thanks for shring this great tirp, not to mention all the great pics.