Thursday, December 30, 2010

'Twas Almost The New Year!!

No, I'm not going to break out in poetry, song, or dance!  I promise you that...

As there was a "Writing Prompt" on OBN after I finished my 2011 New Year's list...
I have added a few additionial items that I would like accomplish in the year 2011!!!
(I guess that you could call it "The Addendum")

5.  Try to smile at the guy who is looking up river wondering how I caught that fish in my net. (Like I'm just a girl...yeah...I know I am!) Even though I am a little tomboy...

4.  Teach one member of my family how to fly fish so they can better understand why the river beckons me... 

3.  Add to my knowledge of bug life...take another class in entomology. (Damsel, right?)

2.  Fish with a few of the OBN bloggers... (Hoothoot!)

1.  Learn to tie a fly (or two)!!!!! (heeeheee)

And as midnight quiet little New Year's Eve will include, dinner and a movie, setting off a few fireworks, and banging a few pans together!  And then, to load up the car for my New Year's Day fishing trip!  Oh, I hope my $25. "Online Special"... Cabela's 4 wt. rod, arrives at my doorstep in time to give it a whirl this weekend!! 

With 3 layers of clothing, two pairs of socks, faceguard and beanie -  it's going to be a bit chilly...I will journey out on New Year's Day on the freshly, fallen snow and hopefully catch a few nice trout in those deep holes. Someone told me that it is "hot" fishing this week...ha.

Those felt sole boots almost did me in last week.  A very close call with a slick rock underneath the snow last time...ugh.  Can you say "face plant" ??? No, it would not be pretty.  So, these puppies have seen better days...for the winter, at least!

Hopefully,  my friend, the brown trout, will be there to greet me on New Year's Day.  And I will be saying, "Incoming!!!" faster than you can say "it's 0-10 degrees...are you crazy?"!!!!


  1. Hoot!Hoot!

    I need to get out there and fish! I could cover about 3 or 4 of my goals for 2011 in one swoop! :)
    I heard something the other day about grayling?
    I have got to get out there. This year. Yes, really. I'll need a guide. ;)

  2. Yeah, and maybe by then, I will have that "Special" 4wt that I'm still waiting for!! Ha. Glad it was free sledding...ugh, shipping!

  3. May those resolutions happen for you.

    There are a few little streams here to drift a fly along.

    Happy New Year

  4. @ Brk Trt...I will certainly start on them...well, tomorrow! Hope your 2011 is full of many tight lines on those streams!

  5. Damsel, I dare you to add, try a fiberglass fly rod" this year. Meanwhile, I'm going on another imaginary fishing trip tonight to celebrate the New Year. The best for you in the coming year.

  6. Cofisher ~ Hmmm...You and the glass... You have to stop imagining things! I'm thinking that us fishing with the OWL might be on the agenda, though!

  7. Can I fish with my Japanese "cane pole?" :)

    I'll just bring everything I have.

    les' fish. ;)

  8. ONLY if you don't wear that silly rice hat!! Sorry, I just couldn't handle that... ^ ^ ^ ^ ^