Monday, December 27, 2010

Journey 2011 Is Looking Good!!

Well, the Christmas vacation is good for a lot of being, that I can get the new calendar out and start planning next year's fishing trips!  (Outside of Utah where I fish at least once a week..."fish bum"???)
Whoohoo!!!  Here we go!

1.  March 2011... Steelheading! On the Salmon River...Riggins, Idaho.
2.  March 2011... South Fork of the Boise...Idaho
3.  April 2011...   South Fork of the Snake..., Idaho
4.  May 2011...    River X (Sorry, undisclosable location)
5.  June 2011...    "The Box Canyon", Island Park, Id./The Lamar & The Firehole...Yellowstone, Wy.
6.  August 2011...Greys River...Star Valley, Wyoming
7.  Sept 2011...   The Madison and The Gallitin...Montana
8.  Nov 2011...    Steelheading somewhere!!! TBA... (Don't want that Steelie rod to collect too much dust!)

That's it folks!!! Well, I do have to go places so I can write about my adventures, don't I?  And hey, you are always welcome to join me if you feel too left out!  <"(((><<


  1. Hi Emily! I've been wanting to fish some of those places for a while now! Nice list! :) PS - I'm back online now at:

    Happy New Year! :)


  2. WOW! What a year you have ahead. Indeed I am just a bit envious. Rock it, girl! -stephanie

  3. @ Owl...glad to have you back! Wordpress, huh? Ok.

    @ Stephanie...there might be a few tweeks, but we will do our best to follow the game plan!

  4. Right now the only plans I have is to be in Star Valley for the Fiberglass Flyrodders clave sometime in July. I like your list. River X huh?

  5. Star Valley is also famous for their cheese...yummy! Always...River X!!!!

  6. WOWeeeeeeeeeeee! Join you? Left out? YES & YES & YES sureeebob!! We will def chart soon!!!!! WOWEeeeeeeKah Zoweeeee! MUAH!!! Peace out Man!!!

  7. I believe Laura is a little excited about my "New Year's Fishing List"! Well, I must admit, there are some AWESOME places and this winter can't go by quick enough! (And that is from an avid skier!) Go figure...

  8. I think I might have to get to Utah and do some fishing.....

  9. I know...on New Year's Day, I will be fishing in a "Top Secret" fishing hole where someone left a couple of PIGS (22-24" brown trout) in some deep nymphing water for me the other day. Kind of like "Hide and Seek"! Either I'm crazy or just a "diehard" as the high temp will be 10 degrees!!! (I'm thinking that would be too cold even for an "OWL"!!)

  10. Looks like a solid list to me. I hope you get to cross them all off and then some in 2011.

  11. I'm planning on it Troutrageous, I certainly am!!