Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dear Santa...I Believe!

Santa's Nice List Christmas Tree Ornament ornament

If kids all around the world believe in Santa Claus...why can't adults believe too?  So, I submit my "Christmas Wish List" to Santa this year and hopefully he thinks that I have been a pretty good, little damsel this past year... 
Candy Cane Skiis
On the light-hearted side...

10. In that Christmas stocking, just for about See's chocolates instead of the little reindeer and snowmen wrapped in foil and that taste like foil...

 9. A stocked pond of tiger trout in my back yard. (Then, I won't have to jump the neighbor's fence anymore, although I do have permission!)

Grouper fish

 8. A better steering device for my pontoon... I have trouble reaching the handle on the motor.  For some reason, I am always going in circles!! Ha. (Maybe it's just me)

7.  A pair of waders that fit a woman (And make her look 2 sizes smaller instead of 2 sizes bigger!)

6.  A year supply of tippet...have you seen my snags and tangles?  Those darn rocks and tree branches follow me everywhere!!!

On the more serious side... 

Santa Driving5.  A new transmission for the old car in the garage that sits for now. (Although, I must admit, that we are saving on fuel by carpooling!)

4.  A trip to Alaska.  The first time wasn't fair game...I didn't know how to flyfish, then got stuck in a riverbed of silt (lets say "quicksand" hip waders got left behind), and I sure deserve a second chance!!!

3.  I could really use a new pair of wading boots with non-felt soles...dang, that snow is slippery!

2.  A steelhead rod for my next trip to Idaho to fish with "The Outdooress!!"

1.  A Merry Christmas and a wonderful holiday season for all of my family, friends and fellow bloggers!

There you go...a few funny things, a few needed things, a few things from the heart.  Just keep it simple, Santa, and deliver what is needed.  Whatever that may be.  We are truly blessed and are very thankful for what we already have...LOVE.        Yours truly, The River Damsel

heart wreath


  1. Emily ~
    Great list and I'm with you on the waders and the two sizes smalled would be a HUGE (in a little perception way) bonus!
    Get that Steelie rod and we'll go hit the rivers this spring. If now, there's always salmon season...and brown trout season and, and, and....
    We've got options

  2. I'm looking at two days with the steelies and one day with the browns...A nice long weekend...Can't wait! We will connect later. Thanks!

  3. Damsel, you're having entirely too much fun!

  4. Found your site today, and just knew Ihad to sign up.

    Kind Wishes.