Friday, December 31, 2010

Let's skip the where is the first place you'll fish in 2011?..

I'm guessing here, but most of you probably have "I want to fish more" on your New Year's Resolution list, am I right??  At least that is what I have been reading the last few days. 

So, let me hear where your first journey will be for the year 2011...(You see, if it is written down, instead of just in the back of your mind...chances are, you will actually do it!) 

Here is my first river of the New Year 2011...WEBER RIVER, UT. 

sows, midges,  partridge soft hackle, wd40's...

And maybe throw in an Alpaca...(well, they do live next door!)


  1. I'm hoping that my first trip in 2011 will be next week, to some very nice "home water" where I can try out my new tenkara rod that probably already thinks it's been given a new home at a fly-fishing museum. It's only left the house once, and that was to cast for a few minutes in our very small backyard.
    The river's name is "Nantahala" and the translation from Cherokee to English is " Land of the noon-day soon." Fish it, and you'll know why. :)

    Great post and Happy New Year to my favorite blogger lady! :)

  2. I'll be drifting a Ausable Bomber in a small stream today, perhaps about 11:00 am. I'll be joined by two other flyfishers.

    The outing is allready a success.

  3. My first trip won't be until April, but it should be a good one. I'll be fishing the Root River and its tributaries around Rushford, Mn. It is a beautiful stream. A friend has a shack up there we will use as our home base. It will just be 3 straight days of fishing. Can't wait!

    Thanks for the post and happy new year.

  4. Oh, we are on a roll...great places that are written and now need to be acted upon!!
    @ flyrod deserves the museum until...well, you totally give it up!
    And that is not happening...
    @ Brk Trt...ahhh...lucky you...Jan. 1st and already making good on the streams! My plans got delayed today due to icy roads in the canyon...but next wkd for sure!
    @ D.Nash...April in MN...should be ugh...warmer! Three days is my favorite length of time for a fish roadie! Just can't put the flyrod down after two...Ha.

  5. I'm going to fish the bathtub at least one more time while the weather is snowy. I hope then to fish the Arkansas River once before runoff.

  6. @ Cofisher...I'm thinking that you need another boat...And good to know that you have plans to venture out soon!

  7. I suspect I'll wet a line on the Big Thompson to get the fishing year started! Do you know the difference between an alpaca and a llama? Your pic made me wonder. -stephanie

  8. Steph...All I know is that the alpaca is half the size of the llama and ranchers breed them and shave them for their fine fleece. Other than that...they are just long-haired camels to me!!
    This ranch might actually have both...not sure.

  9. I hope to fish the White River in AR at least once before the end of the month. If not there maybe the Little Red. It's hard to decide, both are equally frustrating being tailwaters with dam releases for power generation and unpredictable wading conditions. It will be a last minute decision I'm sure.

  10. I want the winter to end. My first fly trip will be as it has been for the last few decades to the beck down the lane..


  11. Three more months!!! Then, things will warm up...where is the beck down the lane?