Monday, December 6, 2010

The Best of Both Worlds...

Now, you can't blame me for wanting to enjoy "The Greatest Snow on Earth"!!  So, this week is the beginning of my time on the slopes once again.  I did get in a little winter fishing in as you can see...It was exhilarating!  Utah is special in that you can hit the moguls in the morning and the riffles in the afternoon...Nothing like Park City and the Heber Valley to give me a perfect day!!  Lucky Chica.


  1. Hello. Found you on OBN! Very nice blog. I am hitting the "follow" button right now. =)

    The Average Joe Fisherman

  2. I just hope you didn't wear those pants to the river. That poor brown trout must have been so embarrassed to have been caught by an angler with bright yellow pants. The other trout will probably make him swim alone in the river for a week for that. ;)

  3. @AverageJoe...glad to have you follow along...I took a peek at your blog and you do an awesome job...
    @Owl...what can I say??? But, just gave me another idea for my next blog...!!! Stay tuned. One more day of skiing, then back to some fish bites!!