Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Rowing For Pink Stripes ~ Part 2

The journey would continue to catch the ever elusive brown trout.  Funny, I catch more browns than any other species.  But, for some reason, they were not to be found on this trip.  Ernie and his son Squiggy would meet up with me on the water for Days 4 and 5.   I have had the privilege of fishing with them for a few years now.  We have fished all over Yellowstone National Park, Montana and Idaho.  Ernie and Julie have their digs next to Henry's Lake, ID., so Ernie decided that we should take advantage of some fine cuthroat fishing in the lake.  But, every good fisherman knows that you should have a good breakfast before heading out because it might be awhile before you eat again.  And a boat full of chips, cookies, and pastries isn't going to give you the proper nutrition for the day... haha.

Ernie wanted to make everyone "Hole in Ones".   I had no clue what he was talking about.  (My family seemed to know what they were when I got home...)  Anyway, I had a little cooking class from Master Chef, Ernie.  I embellished them a bit,  making it "a la French Toast" around the egg.  And it was YUMMY!!!  Gotta have maple syrup... right?

And we were off!  In search of a Cuthroat, a Brookie, or a Rainbow trout...

And by the end of the day, it was time to enjoy the sunset and the stillness in the air...

The final day would bring us to more stillwater action in another lake.

Squiggy showed us how to get it done.

And his dad, Ernie follows suit...

The pressure is on as I watch these guys slam it.  

We all got into fish and enjoyed a great day on the water.

Another great trip in the books.  A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone that made it happen!

From Ernie to Squiggy to Julie...

Now a little slideshow to wrap up the Pink Stripe Adventure...

Fall 2014...The Pink Stripe Adventure from The River Damsel on Vimeo.


  1. "Hole in Ones" We called it "Egg in the hole". Been eating them since I was a kid and you know how long ago that was. Nice trip, and great 'Bows. Some wonderful friends to have.

    1. Mark ~ My hubby calls it "eggs in a frame"... I guess that there are a lot of names out there for such a simple meal. Ha! And yes, I am soooo lucky to have such great friends that show me such a good time every time I come up to visit. Such great hospitality and kindness. I think Ernie fished for a total of a half hour during those two days... row row row... just so I could get a few fish.

  2. Nice report Emily. Never heard of Hole in Ones or Egg in the hole.

    1. Hey Howard ~ What are you doing out of bed? I'm sure if you find a loaf of bread and butter up two sides of a few pieces, put them in a fry pan and take a glass and cookie cut a hole out, plop an egg in the hole, you will be amazed at your cooking skills... lol. That is the traditional method. I dipped the bread into a french toast batter and made it yummier... = )