Sunday, November 23, 2014

Planning That Expedition ~ Sunday Tippets, Damsel Style

Yes, I'm still here.  It seems that I write less and less these days.  Or maybe it is the fact that I am fishing more and more.  Regardless, it is getting to be winter around here and that calls for one last weekend trip.  Somewhere warmer.  Somewhere close, but still far enough away.  So, let's see where I am at in my planning.

First, it was to the internet.  You need to check your resources!  What is fishing well in the early winter season?  I first go to the Utah Division of Wildlife.   It pinpoints the fishing hotspots in my home state.  And a pretty good report on how the fishing is doing in each location.  Then, there is Facebook.  There are always others out there on the beaten path before you.  Yes, truth be told, I am not always fishing.  = )   And I might not be as reliable as Sacagawea.   Sometimes, other's knowledge and direction can help!

Lewis, Clarke, and Saci.
So, with my research in hand, I write down three possible places for my cold weather...err, wishing it was summer destination.  No, I can't afford to go to the Bahamas right now.  So, I figure that I can drive 3-5 hours at the most.  Off to Mapquest.  I need to check out my three possible destinations.  Miles, fuel cost and driving hours will be evaluated.  Will it be worth going to Plan B over Plan C and driving that extra hour?  Which roads are the safest, quickest, and best for fuel economy? (I personally don't like two lane highways) 
Or one lane...  Yeah, I don't think so...

Then, we need to look at lodging, since camping is out in 32 degree temps.  Troutrageous Mike came up with an idea today... But, yeah, a little too brisk this time of year to be hauling trailers of any sort... even a mini.

 I am one to find the dirt cheap motel that looks somewhat safe.  Haha.  So, I head on over to the internet again or go to my resource of friends who have been there before.  I have done pretty well in this category.  I can honestly say that I have been happy with my choices until the last trip.  Well, so I'm batting .925... Sometimes cheap isn't better as they say.  Lol.

And always have a back up plan with another motel phone number to call in case you get to your destination and you change your mind about staying there.  = )   I've changed my mind before... Well, I am a woman!  Ha.

Next, the weather report.   You didn't think that I would miss that little piece of information when heading out on a fishing trip, did you?  Weather is a crucial part of this early winter trip.  Don't want to run into any icy roads if I can help it.  So, I add the forecast to my columns of info in front of me.  

And finally... a call to the local fly shops to see what their fishing and weather forecast really is.  Hopefully, this helps in the final decision.  Get dialed in.  And a report on what the fish are eating is also important, as you might be able to whip up a few flies to take on the trip.   Get their store hours and pay a visit too, as they might have a pattern or two that are working that you don't have.

So, I have pretty much made my decision...  Now, to round up the troops and coordinate.  I'm so glad that my fishing buddies like to travel as much as me... The last trip of the year is looking pretty good.  Got my handwarmers and my "technical clothing" to keep out the cold.  Yeah, too bad Mexico was scratched off the list...  

But, it didn't really look that goooood anyway!  = )

Stay tuned!  I will report back after Thanksgiving.  


  1. don't forget that technical clothing

  2. Yeah, good buddy. Won't forget the Gortex or Windstopper jacket and gloves..

  3. Can't wait for the report! Stay warm and tight lines.

    1. It just got better... Staying longer. = ) Well, might as well make the most of it! Thanks, Atlas.

  4. Hey young lady who is thats been bugging me for years about wearing warm clothing. Oh well, I guess it's old age. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.