Monday, October 20, 2014

The Pink Stripe Adventure ~ Part 1

What's better than a five day fishing trip through Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana?  Not much.  At least in my book.  Fly fishing dreams come true on these kind of adventures!  I took a bit of a detour going through Wyoming to get to Island Park, Idaho and then Montana... but, you only live once!  So, it began...

It was an amazing first day, with a lot of pink stripes in the net.  Enough to have me looking up hotel numbers to stay an extra day.  Which I did.  The fishing was red hot.  And I was a happy damsel.  = )   

Rainbows were everywhere...  = )

And Marley Moose even told me that I had to come back.  Can't you tell?  Haha.

Day 2 started much like day before.  More rainbows hitting on anything I would throw out... You can't ask for more than that.

It was a day that I wanted to pinch myself.  I don't have that many days like these first two of the trip.  But, it was time to move on.  More adventures and new scenery is good for the soul.

It was one of the most spectacular drives that late afternoon that I have ever had.  Bright and bold fall colors.

The Salt River

The South Fork of the Snake River

 So, a tired damsel found her way to Island Park, ID.  I had a nice reunion with some close friends and when I woke up the next morning, the cold front had moved in.  Oh yay!!!  It was time to hit the Madison River.

Well, you know that a few snowflakes aren't going to stop me from fishing.  Right?  It was bitter cold, I won't lie.  I don't know why I felt the chill through my bones this time.  Maybe because it was the first cold day after a nice summer.  It sure made for a beautiful picture though... I love Montana!!  

As temps and barometer changed, so did the bite of my little friends.  So, after a few in the net, I called it a day. Yup, more rainbows!

It was time to head back to Island Park and get ready to do some lake fishing for the next few days.  (Something I never do, so it was kind of a treat)   Part 2 is next up.  There's just not enough room for a 5-day report!  = ) 


  1. Often it takes a little bit of time for your blood to thicken up for the winter. Looking forward to the rest of the trip. First part falls into the stellar category.

    1. I think that I deleted myself! I'm still in recovery mode from my trip... sorry, Mark! Glad you enjoyed the adventure via blogwaves. I love the Fall weather. Crisp and bright... my favorite time of year to travel. I think that you will like what I found in the lake... = )

  2. You could save yourself a lot of gas money and wear and tear on the car if you'd just move to Montana. On the other hand, what would you have to look forward to if you did? Maybe a quick trip or two to Utah! Ha! Just kidding. Beautiful photos and fish.

  3. Howard ~ Utah is home. I will just have to deal with the frequent traveler miles! My car is paid off now, so let's hope that it gives me another year or two... haha

  4. That looks amazing!!! Once again, this guy's jealous

    1. B.A. ~ It was amazing. I only would do one day over... that cold one on the Madison. Brrrrrrr..... But, the white caps and a few snowflakes on my nose and eyelashes was to be expected. Heck, it's OCTOBER in MONTANA!!! Ha.