Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Late Edition...Sunday Tippets, Damsel Style

Mind Over Matter...
Where There Is A Will...There Is A Way...

The barriers have been knocked down.  Creative planning and finding a road buddy have been accomplished. (Well, who really likes to travel alone for more than a couple of hours?)  Time flies when you are having fun!  Sept. 28th... The journey begins.  I had a great day on the Middle Provo last week...(previous post) to warm up.  I will try my best to duplicate that effort up North... All I have to do is Will it!!  Right?

 I Will do a better job in staying away from these guys on this trip!

I Will stay on my feet instead of slipping on rocks.

I Will continue to wear my Bud Lilly green shirt to remain "superstitious"
 like fishermen have a tendency to do!

I Will bring my stash of "Crystal Dips" with me...
 Why shouldn't they work up there too??!
River X Browns LOVE midges...

And... I Will find some "pigs" up there on River X.
Well, I'm hoping that we find the variety that have spots on them instead...
And not a toupee! Ha!

5 Days and Counting...

Sunday Tippet:  In preparation of my upcoming trip, a few fly fishing friends have sent me some new bugs for my River X box. 

 One friend, Ross Slayton, is trying to buy some new waders and selling flies to do it!  If you don't tie flies, or you just want to buy some for a good's a great deal



  1. I seem to have a bit of trouble staying on my feet in the current too. I hope you have a fishy trip next week. Wish I was there! lol

  2. So it looks like we have matching holes in our waders. Congrats, at least it's an easy repair. Since I've wet-waded all year so far I guess that explains my beat up, bruised up, scabbed legs. Cool looking flies and I love the box...I want one. Hmmm, I think someone else sent you some report?

    Have a great trip to River XXX...I'd like to see the "outtake photos."

  3. Pam - Thanks and we will do our best!

    Howard. - You are going to think I am silly, but I treasure those flies that you sent...And the way that I lose flies, I have them displayed in my curio! Along with the River X box above... So, you are in good company! (I'm a sentimentalist...sorry.) But, you have given me an idea for a future post. = )