Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Trout Ranch? Sunday Tippets, Damsel Style

Have you ever been to a Trout Ranch?   Here's a taste of what you could find.  Courtesy of Fly Fishing Frenzy...  (Hit the link for a great blog and some awesome merchandise too!)  At the White's Ranch, Sportsmen's Paradise... Outside of Logan, Utah.

There are many Trout Ranches if you just "Google", you will probably find one in your area.

Trophy Rainbow Trout, LC Ranch
"Tucked away in a remote corner of Utah there lies a fly fishing recreation resort where the beauty of nature entices us with her pleasures. L.C. Ranch is located just 2 1/2 hours east of Salt Lake City at the base of the Ashley National Forest in the Uintah Mountain range. Our lakes and ponds are spread over 1400 acres ideal for guided fly fishing trips. The stillwater habitat is nearly perfect. Under a strict policy of catch and release fly fishing, it is well managed, quiet and unpressured, perfect for the growth of large trophy trout. With an average length of 17 inches and the chance at a trophy like the one pictured above weighing over 15 pounds, it is a fly fisher’s dream world!"

your personal fly fishing lodge and resort
And in the beautiful mountains of Utah...

"There is no other Utah fly fishing lodge and mountain resort like this. At the Crystal Ranch you get exclusive access to the entire secluded 500 acre property on the doorstep of Utah’s High Uinta Wilderness area. The well-appointed luxury lodge gives you every comfort and amenity you could want, along with the privacy, exclusivity, and seclusion that make the Crystal Ranch unique."

"The Crystal Ranch offers incredible fly fishing on Utah’s Yellowstone River with the opportunity to catch 4 species of wild trout. 2 miles of private access trout stream will be all yours. In addition, Utah’s Uinta Mountains provide incredible scenery, wildlife, and more."

fly fishing couple

Yes, there are many opportunities to catch trophy size trout if you don't have the chance yourself in your home waters... Check out those in your area and see what they have to offer.  Many times there is a lodging package as well.  So, you can make it a day trip possibly or extend it to a nice weekend away... = )

Because let's face it... not everyone gets into BIG Fish very often!!  Lol.

In conclusion...A Sunday Night Video, if you have 13 min to spare ... If not, thanks for stopping by!

The fisherman in the following video is none other than my buddy, Brent Ramey of Fly Fishing Frenzy!  (He can find big fish in whatever river that he goes to)  But, Brent also enjoys the White's Ranch from time to time.  It's just another outlet for fly fishing fun... If you ever have the chance to go to a Trout Ranch... you might enjoy what it has to offer...  Enjoy the vid...


  1. I guess you could call Rainbow Falls, where I went with Larry Snyder, sort of a trout ranch. Lots of visible large fish for sure. It was fun, but honestly, I wouldn't pay for the chance to catch big fish. I'll take my chances for free and enjoy myself just as much. Interesting post Emily.

  2. Emily, I have fished a "Trout Ranch" or two in Montana in the Livingston area. I will say I had great fun and it was exciting at first. Caught the biggest trout of life! However, will agree with Howard that, looking back now, what I remember most was feeling like I was cheating the fish and the experience somehow. Almost, too easy, I guess!

  3. Notice that the pic of that huge rainbow looks like it came out of the late 70's. Or at least that guy never left the late 70's. My guess is fish like that get caught once every 50 years...and only if you sport a sweet moostache! The Carhartt cap is a nice addition too.

  4. Honestly... The pay for play outfits are fine and dandy for the fly fisherman that gets out once or twice a year, but taking a big fish from what is in effect a captive environment doesn't quite mean as much as taking one on a river. Been there, done that, no thanks I'll save the money and get a few extra days on some real water.

  5. I appreciate the responses... I still haven't made up my mind on yay or nay. But, I know that I can go to River X, up in Oregon for the same price in two weeks and bring back pictures of hopefully the same size! = ) Ahhh...only 18 more days... <"((((><< The Journey is ON!

  6. Might be a great place to get some fish photos or video, but if I were in your boots I think I'd be headed for River X. A little wild water and the possiblity of landing a real fish beats setting the hook on cookie cutters any day of the week.

  7. ahh...the trout ranch. not sure I would fit in :-)

  8. Hey once in a while. I live in Oregon and short of the River X and a few others, the fishery management sucks. I wish you luck on X....yeehaw!!

  9. Midgeman ~ I have two weeks from today to enjoy River X right before the spawn...nothing is better than that. Why can't it be tomorrow??? = )

    Sanders ~ No, you wouldn't like that sort of thing. Half the fun is the adventure of hiking and discovering new areas as you fish...Agreed!

    Swittersb ~ Thanks for stopping by. You must visit the X every once in I love that river. And Yeehaw! For sure...