Monday, September 24, 2012

Getting Called On The Carpet

Sometimes you just have to suck it up and say that you messed up.  You know that there is a bit of mud under the paw, but eventually you learn your lesson and will be allowed back into the good graces of the carpet layer.  Let's begin at the beginning...shall we?  My dear friend, Howard.  He is a good great guy and sent me some flies a couple of months ago.  He was working on a "blue damsel" for me.  Kind of a "signature fly"...  He said that he would throw in a few more flies with it that I could try out.

Well, the  old fart  classy guy sent me a darling fishermen's basket full of his original tied flies!  At first, I didn't want to fish them.  I thought that I would just look at them for awhile.  But, I knew that he would want me to use them, so I took them and put them into a prescription bottle and off I went to the river.  The first one got stuck under a rock.  The second one ran off with a brown trout that was stronger than my knot.  Down two, I closed up the bottle and decided to take them home.

I have a special piece of furniture in my house.  It is my grandmother's cherry wood hutch.  A display case for my favorite fishy things...  My River X box (that someone had tied up special flies) has been in it and I placed the fishing basket there too.  Just kind of a sentimentalist, I guess that you could say.  I have certainly been a very lucky lady in receiving special packages of flies from my blogging friends!   I just have this tendency to put away singles that I want to look at later on...

So, here's the bugs.  And I have a fondness for that blue one near the top.  = )
But, I am thinking that I will take that bottom middle green guy to River X with me in a few days...
Beware, Howard, if it is the secret weapon!  You might have to tie me a buttload few more...hahaha.

This post is my answer to Howard's question in my last post.  Howard had wondered why he never got a river report... (after the thank you via FB)  Well, Howard...Simply put,
because they have made a home away from home.  And like you, they are warm, cozy and happy.  = )


  1. Emily, thanks for the post. I just wanted to know how crappy flies fish. I purposely tie crappy flies (except the damsels)so no one in their right mind would want to just look at them. Bury them under rocks and in trees! You're a class act Miss Emily!

  2. I have a hard time fishing flies that are given to me too. I had a friend give me one from Patagonia. She'd ask me all the time if I used it yet. I was just amazed she thought of getting it for me. And when was I going to Patagonia? I eventually did fish it and I still have it. It took me starting at it after several trips and a demand for a hopper pattern that finally made me pull the trigger.

  3. That blue damsel is quite impressive. Didn't know Howard was so talented with his tying abilities, even though with all the practice he's been getting, I should have known. Have a great trip out this week!