Sunday, February 5, 2012

When To Take That Super Bowl Break...Sunday Tippets, Damsel Style

My favorite...Meatballs and Smokies (recipe below)
Let's be honest...what is the one dilemma that we all have when it comes to the Super Bowl?  It isn't what to serve to your guests for the big game...that's easy.  Even though Super Sunday is the second largest eating occasion behind Thanksgiving, we find it pretty simple to stash away pretzels, chips, dips, beer, soft drinks, chicken wings, and pizza roll ups.  And will you be part of the $4 million pizza orders for this day?  No, the bigger problem is finding a moment to walk the hallway.  We certainly don't want to miss one of the commercials!  And you never know if there is going to be that play to turn around the game when you "head" off! 

And in honor of Troutrageous's new little family addition...

Sunday TippetSo...when do you take that break?  Let's be honest here...most people watch the Super Bowl just as much for the commercials as the game itself!  Oh, and if you thought that you could take your potty break before the game...well, you are defeated there too, as those pregame commercials are often just as good...My only solution to when the best break time is (outside of the boring halftime entertainment), would be this...When it is a total "blow out" (talking about the game!) or you make a realllly quick break at the beginning of a commercial that you know that you don't care about. (In time for the next commercial)  My guess is that more of us will probably rush to the bathroom during the game so we don't miss the Doritos or Bud Light commercials.  Just a hunch...

Now, back to the more important item of the day pertaining to food.  You'll have to excuse me now, while I go throw those meatballs and lil' smokies into the crockpot! 

3-5 lbs frozen cooked small meatballs or 3-5 lbs Lil' Smokies sausages...(I like half of each)
1 (32 oz) grape jelly
2 (12 oz) chili sauce (I use Heinz)

You can half this recipe very easily !  Then, it is perfect for 4-6 people.

Cover the meats with the sauces and leave for 5-6 hours. If you don't have that much time, defrost meatballs in microwave and then cook in crockpot for about 3 hours...Yummy!


  1. Good looking meatballs. I can smell them all the way to California. Yum, got to go eat something.


  2. OK, now I'm just hungry. And I have to go. Thanks alot. :) lol

  3. Mark ~ Oops...Did I make you hungry before the game? Oh, sorry... : )

  4. Are you ready for some meatballs? A Sunday night party? Here is Owl and Em and Howard to...gonna bring some football (and food) to you. PARTEY!

  5. Cofisher ~ I have plenty of food...that's for sure! A Mexican Fiesta...tacos, chimichangas, and chili con queso...besides the meatballs and chicken wings. I always tend to go overboard. Oh well!

  6. mmmm...meatballs and smokies. Are you sure you didn't grow up in North Dakota?