Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hitting The Road...Sunday Tippets, Damsel Style

What's better than a road trip?  Mmmm...nothing.  At least, for me.  I must have a portion of gypsy blood in me.  I love to travel.  The farther the journey is, the more exciting it becomes.  But, here we are with gas prices rising steadily.  That limits the times that I will probably venture out this year.  So, I need to be a little more choosy on where to go.  I have a trip that is coming up that will indeed put some of my fidgeting to rest.  For now...  River X is waiting...I'm shooting for April.  And if it is warm enough by then...we will be staying at the river and doing a little bit of camping.  So, here are a few items that I am going to pick up.

Mmmm...Real food! more sleeping on rocks. 


And something more than a flashlight.

That's better! pick out some new camp recipies.  Of course, the Snickers and Diet Coke will always be a standby.  But, if I can make a sausage, peppers and potatoes dish?

The last River X meal...

 A little bit better.  And for breakfast...mmmm...sausage, eggs and pancakes. (I love that ready-made Bisquick in a bottle!)  I'm  ready to go now.   I can already smell the aroma in the brisk, canyon air...  : )  A month or so more of this winter fishing... and then the real fun begins!  Journey on...

Today's Ti ppets:  They are coming from you out there!  Since I am not an "accomplished" camper, I will take whatever advice you might have for me. Now,  remember... this girl is from California. Growing up, no one in my family liked this camping stuff...shall we say that they were "indoorsy"?  Anyway, I have had several great road trips with friends in the past few years, that have opened my eyes to the outdoors camping experience.  And I definitely want to do more of it.  So, I welcome your suggestions and remember...I do know about keeping even closed coolers away from my head in the tent!  (Thanks to my friend who I thought knew more than I did)  I never, ever want to see this guy near my sleeping bag again! HA! Even if he does a little dance on a rock in the tent corner to be cute...

A new development since I posted this story...head on over to Windknots and Tangled Lines and you will see Howard's suggestions for me.  What a hoot that Cofisher guy is...


  1. Good idea to plan ahead. I'll be thinking of some good tips for you.

  2. Here's a little hint from a trip to Hope Valley in June. When it gets cold (the dogs water froze), don't put the extra blanket you're carrying on your sleeping bag, put it in the sleeping bag.


  3. Since you've already thought of getting something to keep your back off the rocks, I don't think I can be of much help. I'm an indoor plumbing kind of girl - running water, hot and cold, taps that turn on and off...all that stuff makes me really happy. I'm always torn between camping in a remote and beautiful area, or camping in a crowded area where I have access to indoor plumbing!

  4. Howard ~ Gracias, Amigo.

    Mark ~ I have that one now "covered". Thanks!

    AG ~ Seriously, I like both types of camping. There's nothing wrong with finding a campsite with the added extras, either! But, to be right next to the river is truly a great time.

  5. The only advice I have is to try and plan the trip anytime other than when a monsoon is about to hit. :) (Not that any of us could have predicted what happened, that is! ) Ok, I have more advice....handwarmers in the bottom of your sleeping bag will help keep your feet warm if it's cold. Never leave your tent open and go out at night. (ahem. LOL ) Don't forget the toilet paper. Let's see, what else...oh yeah, and make sure you keep your food away from any bears or possums or whatever you may have out there that also likes snickers. :)

  6. Owl ~ Great advice that I will heed. Thanks! And the weather watch will be on!

  7. ThermaRest! Not for padding, but for warmth. Trust me!!! :)

  8. So did you have any thoughts for Mr. Mouse upon meeting him in the dark? DTJ

  9. e.m.b. ~ I thank you for the tip on that! I will check it out for sure... That sounds like just the ticket!

    d.t.j. ~ Let's just say that my scream deafened the ears of that mouse, besides those sleeping in camp that night! And if you want to read the original story...just type in the search above, No Artificial Anything Added. It was a post back on Dec. 15, 2010. One of my first camping experiences... =)

  10. Camping on snow? Bale of straw under the tent (scattered of course), and five sleeping bags, one for you and each of the four mice from the bale. Just kidding, two of the extras under, and two of the extras over. Unless of course you can afford the ultimate fishing truck the Ford F-150, Crew Cab, 6.5 Foot Bed, with a topper! Still the same number of bags, the sleeping ones, but no mice! DTJ