Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sharing Talents...Sunday Tippets, Damsel Style

Ya, I know it isn't Sunday yet...but, a busy here it is...your "Tippets"!  

So, I have been enjoying my weekend immensely...No, I didn't go out fishing...Instead I have been attending the Wasatch Fly Tying and Fly Fishing Expo here in Salt Lake City, Ut.  I signed up for a couple of classes.  One was the European Nymphing class (of course!) taught by Cabela's own, Lance Egan.  What a class guy he is.  Lance, is a constant leader on the U.S. Fly Fishing Team and really has vast knowledge that I hope will rub off on me someday!  His class this weekend was amazing!  And afterwards, he gave a demo on tying a few Czech Nymphs for us.  After watching his demonstration, I started walking around the room and sat with a few more tiers that were very happy to share their talents of fly tying with me.  Are all fly tiers perfectionists???  I'm starting to think that a lot of them are, anyway!  Each had a different style, a different flair for what they believed would imitate that bug that the trout would look for.  It was really interesting as each one had a different story on their tying beginnings.

I am simply amazed at the skill of fly makes me wonder sometimes if I will be able to acquire this talent.  I heard the following quote once, "Everyone has talent. What is rare is the courage to follow the talent to the dark place where it leads."  What does that exactly mean when it comes to fly tying???  Haha.. Is that "dark place" a special room with vise, spools of thread, hackle, dubbing, paraphernalia of all kinds for tying flies?  Maybe a few nice fish pictures on the wall and maybe even a computer next to the tying station...(to stay in touch with my blog in case the flies take up more time than expected)  Does this sound like something familiar?  Is this what will happen to me?  Well, I am going to find out shortly...because I promised the Midgeman, besides a few others, that I would give it a whirl...long fingernails and all!  I guess that I see it as a way to make my fly fishing experience complete.  I have appreciated  those who have helped me out with a fly here and there...for sure!  So, after attending this Expo this weekend, it got me thinking about those who gave their time and talents to show a few novices the world of fly tying and to maybe put a spark into a few people to develop a talent or to improve and embellish one that they already had!  I have marveled at many bloggers recipes and samples of their favorite flies.  So many of you have a very special talent.  And one thing that I have learned in life, is that if you use your talents to the will be successful.  And if you have a talent and let it slide or put it on the back burner so to gets rusty and sometimes unusable...

Example:  When I was a 14 yr old girl, my parents took me to piano lessons every week.  I was kind of a lazy student with a talent that needed some attention if it was going to go anywhere.  But, I didn't want to sit on the piano wanted to be playing baseball or basketball after school.  Not practicing for an hour and a half every day!  (really, can you blame me?)  So, one day, which I thought was my luckiest day little finger popped in a volleyball game.  Oh, no more piano, I thought!  Whoohoo!  I didn't want to be a concert pianist!!  My mom is an accomplished pianist and my dad studied opera in Italy...yes, I came from a very musical family with talent extrordinaire!  But, this girl was sportsy and not into the classical music I had this big smile on my face when I heard that finger pop!  After two doctors and the L.A. Dodgers Team Physician, Dr. Frank Jobe (famous Tommy John, he had some wall photos!) resetting my finger, my parents had hoped that I would be back playing concertos and competing for awards...nooooo!  I got my way and didn't go back to it...until five years later. 

Don't laugh at my Farrah Fawcett hairdo!
After I moved away after high school and started college, I found out that playing the piano wasn't maybe so bad...huh.  You see, there was a piano in the lobby of my dorm and well, all the boys would gather around as I jammed some Kansas and Boston (does that age me? ha) So, all of a sudden, I was back playing piano.  Sharing a talent with others and actually enjoying it for the first time.  Silly girl.  Then, I entered a talent show in college and made it through 3 cuts...which was realllllly good!  I guess, the moral to this story is this...Sometimes you don't know where your talent is going to take you.  It can be a journey that you haven't even thought of being on.  It can be a stepping stone to something else that you enjoy even more. (I actually liked playing popular music rather than classical)  You might influence others with your talents and what's wrong with that??  Nothing!  If others can also have enjoyment from something that you have learned, or studied...isn't that a great accomplishment?  I think so.  "Hidden talent counts for nothing", as they say...I totally believe that life is like a piano...what you get out of it depends on how you play it!  "We are told that talent creates its own opportunities. But it sometimes seems that intense desire creates not only its own opportunities, but its own talents."

Tippet of the Day:  If you have a talent, use it!!!  And most of all, share it!  : )  It's more fun that way...



  1. Emily,
    It was a genuine pleasure meeting you yesterday, thanks for stopping by and introducing yourself!
    I received the following fortune twice, albeit from the same Chinese restaurant, "Talents that aren't shared, are not talents."
    So thanks for sharing yours and those that you are inspired by.

  2. Brian ~ So funny to introduce myself as The River Damsel! Ha. Believe it or not, there was another tier that had heard of my blog...funny stuff. Everyone...check out Brian's is something very special. Thanks, Brian.

  3. Nice! I've thought about tying some flies especially streamers but I don't think my short, arithitic fingers will allow for that. And it's Kansas, Boston, Dire Straits, ad infinitum, that keep me least in my mind!

  4. You can't win by sitting on the sidelines, so you have to put those talents into play. Whatever they may be.

  5. FCS ~ Thanks for compliment.

    WDSTK3 ~ Ahhh...Dire Straits...that is definitely road trip music!

    Mark ~ Yes, I've never been very good at sitting too long...haha

  6. Nice post and a great way to spend time. You even got Brian to respond.

  7. Bigerrfish ~ Glad you enjoyed the read.

    Cofisher ~ It is kind of fun to spend time at these kind of things and talk shop...

  8. That is some really nice hair. :) Another great Tippet. :) You're getting so good at these, you'll be writing them for magazines soon!

  9. Great write up and the whole "Charlies Angels" hair do thing.... priceless!!!!

  10. Midgeman ~ You know, the hair was the "in thing" back, looking back...yeah, all I can do is laugh!