Monday, April 18, 2011

Guest Post: Rufus T.

Hey y'all. This here is Rufus T. and Iz been asked to do one of them there guest post thing-a-ma-jiggies. Seems as if River Damsels iz on her way back to thuh airport after a long weekend of hootin' and hollerin' up in the Smoky Mountains. There wuz apparntlee some big ole thunderbommers but heys missed em' all and jest had a mess o' rain. And I hears that River Damsel's dune got her a new freend. That ole rat Moody is dune shore nuff stowed away in her luggage. Says he " Get me outta here. That Owl is a lunatic!"

So, he's headed out to River X to try and find some peace and quiet and some new brown trout freends. He dun tolded me that he shore will miss the Blue Ridge, but he hopes to come back here a'gin sumday.


  1. Oh boy, the Damsel is coming home. Thanks for the report Rufus T.

  2. Rufus T. sounds an awful lot like Bubba J. Sure Rufus isn't one of Jeff Dunham's kids?