Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Taking Idaho By Storm (and then some)!!

What a journey I just got back from!...Sometimes I wonder why I don't add an extra day at the end of my trips just to wind down and recoup...yeah, it doesn't work that way.  My trips always are action packed from start to finish and I try to cram everything that I can into that time frame.  I guess that I will have to count the "travel" time as my down time...ha.  I sure did see some beautiful country in the northwest part of Idaho.  From my favorite brown trout fishery to the Clearwater River to the Little Salmon River to the Boise River...Rebecca and I took Idaho by storm...We even found "Nemo"!!!

Here is the home of Steelies and Salmon..The LSR.  

Rebecca with an "incoming" big, brown trout!

We found some really happy brown trout like this one...

And once again...we had some real good cookin'...sausage & potatoes!!

We found friends along the way...what is the big attraction anyway?  STEELHEAD!

                          Oh, and the "Unaccomplished Angler" was there too...

Yes, it was an awesome weekend and the storm that was supposed to happen, held off for us.  So, we  stormed ahead instead, searching for fish far and wide...

A nice rainbow for RD

All in all, it was a great time outdoors...and a lot of fun!  Thanks, Rebecca.
And a special thanks to our "Chauffeur and Cook"!!


  1. Looks like you guys had a great time!

  2. RRRRaaarr I think I recognize the Bear ! ! looks like the two of you had a great JOURNEY ! ! maybe a camp cook would work out for you instead of Snickers bars and Diet Cokes ! ! Journey On ! !~dave

  3. Hey, wait a second-that's not a real bear! It's just a...cardboard bear. Apparently there was more than one single dimensional imposter on that day...

  4. Great! It does look like you two had a terrific time. Can I go on the next ladies outing? Forget Kirk...he's a poser.

  5. looks like a great trip. Glad you both had a great time!

  6. Nice post! You have some beautiful country out there, and some nice fish too!

  7. RD,
    A great post. Looks like the trip was a success in many ways.
    Love all the photos, especially the food.


  8. We all know that adding a day to wind down will mysteriously become another day on the water, requiring the addition of another day to decompress. But that becomes another day that can be spent on the water. And so on and so on...

  9. Thanks all...and Pat, you are exactly right!

  10. You ladies rocked it.

  11. I miss it too, and I've never even lived there! Footnote: I picked up a river map and it is amazing how many prime rivers and lakes they have...

  12. Nice fish and good cookin. That's hard to beat.

  13. Wow, nice report. It looks like you girls had lots of fun. I really need to go fishing again.

  14. Emily,
    Great bear picture! That's too funny =)

  15. Mark & AFA - Awesome eats and fishing = a perfect weekend!

    Rebecca - The "cardboard" version will have to suffice untiil I get Photoshop! Ha.

  16. Looks like a way fun trip! Love your blog Emily. If you ever need another fishin lady along just let me know :)