Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Last "Ski Tuesday" For The Season

It was a hard decision, as I got up this morning...8 new inches of powder at Snowbasin Ski Resort and a perfect "Blue Bird" day for skiing or a beautiful day for a little fly fishing!  Well, skiing won out, as probably the last of the good powder storms couldn't be denied!  In 1995, Salt Lake City was awarded the 2002 Olympic Winter Games and Snowbasin was chosen as the venue for the men's and women's downhill, super G and combined races.  It's a great resort.  So, I called up my friend, Melanie and we headed north to work out our quads and thighs in the deep powder.  Whew!  I had a good workout, that's for sure.  And it couldn't have been a more beautiful day...37 degrees and sunny...Seemed like 50 degrees as we were going at a pretty good pace today!  Covered a lot of terrain...The ridge where I am standing is about 9300 ft. and overlooks a huge Ogden Valley down below on the other side.  You can see Antelope Island smack in the middle of the Great Salt Lake.   A fun day...sure feeling my quads right now!
Area Boundary...Yeah, no kidding!!!

Yeah, I made kind a mess of the mountain!!  (There is a figure 8 in there somewhere) Heehee

Melanie and Mrs. Claus!! (From last year...didn't get a pic today)

My favorite side of the resort with the Weber River in the distance...BIG Browns!

And back to the REGULARLY SCHEDULED "Fish Tuesday" until December 2011...next week!


  1. Well, a girls got to do what a girls got to do. Pretty pictures.

  2. 37 ! THIRTY SEVEN! Brbrbrrrrrr... :)

    You know what it is down here? Well, it's only 57 but that beats 37 any day in my book! ;)
    Those are awesome pics. Next year you need to have me and Howdy out and teach us to ski! :)

  3. Nice views up there. I guess that kinda makes up for the lack of fish.

  4. Howard ~ And I did it...I'm feeling it now!

    Owl ~ 37 felt like 57...so glad I had one layer on today! I almost peeled off my jacket!

    Jay ~ Nothing makes up for lack of fish...nothing. But, I got kinda close. :)