Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Y'All...Try Some!!

"In The South, it’s sweet, deep-fried...and there’s no lack of fat or sugar in the foods we cook, sell and eat" A quote from a GA. newspaper article

If you have tried any of these foods of the South,  please give me your honest critique...I'm fascinated on how each part of the U.S. has a different palate and flair for cuisine or just snack time! 



Fried Green Beans @ Recess Southern Gastro Pub

 Fried Fruit Pies

Tasty Grits! ???

Deep Fried Peanuts

Fried Chicken & Waffles?

Fried Green Tomatoes

Fried Dill Pickles

A Southern Staple

Another Staple... : )


  1. Living in Houston, I guess all I need to say is
    TEXAS BBQ. ;)
    Other than that, TexMex style food is on the daily cuisine here. If you go a little farther east towards Louisiana, it's the spicy Cajun Style Food and deep fried alligator.
    They are right saying there is no lack on fat, sugar and deep fried foods. But it's Yummy!

  2. Rick ~ BBQ is my favorite food, hands down! And messy fingers are ok...when you are eating BBQ ribs!! mmmmm... Hold the gator!

  3. Well, I've really only had fried pickels a few times and they were chips rather than whole pickles. Tasty though.

    Grits are basically a requirement down here, and they're ok with some cheese or shrimp mixed in.

    MoonPies, like 'em but don't really eat them on a regular basis.

    Never had the other stuff. You gotta draw the line somewhere on the fried food.

  4. Love moon pies lol.. I had the friend green beans at a TGI Fridays and I buy the boxed versions at sames club. http://media.shopwell.com/product/4670409620_full.jpg

  5. Mark ~ If you don't draw the line...then you will be using the "Tums" for sure!!

    Dusin ~ Fried green beans are more popular than I thought if they are at Sam's Club...huh.

  6. RD, if BBQ ribs are your thing, then you need to try them Memphis style. No offense to Rick from TX, but they seem to think BBQ is supposed to made from beef in TX. I'm sure it's just a matter of local availability, but folks from the real South (TX really isn't the South by the way- TX is TX) make their BBQ with pork. It's tastier that way. Having lived in the South my whole life, grown up in Memphis, experiencing the "Memphis in May World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest" (known locally as "Barbecue-fest"), I'm a bit of a BBQ connoisseur. I've eaten at more southern BBQ joints than I can remember... some good... some not so good. If you're ever in the South, I'll recommend a place.
    Mark touched on a southern (New Orleans) favorite that I really like- shrimp and grits. It comes in different forms, but I prefer the way I make them at home with a little cheese and the shrimp pan seared before they get mixed in. That's southern goodness.

  7. I'm sorry, but none of that looks appetizing in the least. I guess I'm a yank through and through.

  8. Jay ~ I better put your neck of the woods on my fishing bucket list if it includes the best BBQ!! I still not sure about those grits...but maybe with shrimp and cheese, I could do it!

    MN Angler ~ Ok...so meat loaf and mashed potatoes?

  9. Fried pickles, ummmm! I once spent a year one day in Jackson, Miss. I won't eat grits as long as I have a tooth in my head. Let's hear it for the side that won that war.

  10. Chix and waffles is good. They even have them at IHOP now. Everything else.... no thanks.

  11. I have to weigh in on the BBQ debate - you want good BBQ, go to Kansas City, the mecca of BBQ. BBQ is a highly debatable thing, but KC always comes in first. American Royal BBQ anyone? I can't tell you how bad I am craving some pulled pork right now....can't find it Fort Collins. Take that back, we found it here, but the restaurant didn't know how to smoke pork.

    As far as the fried stuff, I've made fried green tomatoes (a staple as the summer ripening season ends) and had fried pickles a few places. Both are sinfully tasty!

  12. Ok...Yay and nay on the pickles, Yay on the Chix and waffles, and Yay on the KC Masterpiece Restaurant in Overland Ks. (Oh, that was my Yay!) Well, I have a funny story there. The first time that I went to KCM was on my birthday years ago. I saw a Good Housekeeping Top Ten desserts and there was this sinfully delicious chocolate cake that I had to try out. Upon ordering, I told the waitress that I came all the way out from Utah to try it and she brought the owner, Rich Davis, over to my table to wish me a happy bday and to give me my complimentary dessert!! I think that it was some 5 layer thing...yum! Oh, yeah...the BBQ was amazing too... ;)

  13. Deep fried Tums are no good at all.

  14. Quill ~ Haha~! Silly guy...they might be deep fried in your stomach after you eat all the rest of this stuff! LOL.

  15. It all looks good, minus the pickles.
    Moon Pies, fill the bill.

  16. To Stephanie, I believe there is a Famous Dave's in Ft. Collins. Best ribs this side of KC.

  17. I have to point out that we don't fry EVERYTHING.

    As for cofisher and grits - that's the best thing about grits! You don't need teeth to eat 'em, but you can also eat them with teeth! Wooden or real - your choice!

    I forgot to suggest frog legs. mmmm. mmmm.

    ok, yes. .....you fry them. geesh. whatever. ;)

  18. Fried Green Beans and Grits - good

    Fried Chicken and Waffles - great

    Fried Oreo - the best thing ever

  19. I can rule out the frog legs...sorry. The oreos have me intrigued...aren't they soggy out of the oil? Maybe I will have to try those...

  20. Fried OREOs can be too much of a good thing. I can only eat a couple before I feel a bit overwhelmed by grease and calories I couldn't possibly burn in a single day.
    Fried OREOs are dipped in funnel cake batter (same as beignet batter- another New Orleans specialty) and then fried. It's nothing short of amazing, but like I said hard to eat very many.

  21. Jay ~ OMG...Thanks for the heads up on those oreos!! I'm thinking that one is good... :) Or else I will be spending an hour on the treadmill! LOL.

  22. I like my frog legs with a side of gator tail. Haven't had either one in years. I am a huge fan of oreos. Fried could be very interesting.

  23. What? What is with this "no thanks" stuff. Heck, you only live once! You might as well try everything at least once! ( Food wise anyway) You never know, you might like' em! They (wait for it......) taste like chicken!