Thursday, September 12, 2013

Gone Fishin'... Idaho Style

10 Fly-Sisters, 5 Adipose Boats, 5 Rowers, 1 awesome photographer, 2 days on the Idaho's Henry's Fork...  Sound amazing?

This is the big week for the TroutChicks.  10 of us are meeting up on the Henry's Fork in Island Park, ID.  Aileen Lane, Rachel Morgan, Michelle Bryant, Patti Bantam, Tara Olson, Brittany Davenport, Heidi Lewis, Holly Dixon, and ME!  Emily Blankenship aka:  The River Damsel.

Look out Island Park... We are comin' at ya!!  Full report by next Thursday!  (I'm doing a few side trips)  I got new treads and I'm heading down the road, toad.


  1. Does that RockStar have potassium in it? Anyway ...

    ... I was reading some old journals, and came across an entry about Wilford Woodruff having his British flyfishing rod in his buggy when crossing the plains in 1847. It said he tried some salmonae flies from the UK successfully while passing through the Wasatch range! People were pleased that the cutthroats went for the foreign flies. Yes, just cutthroats, no imports yet.

    Went to the internet to see if anyone had written about that factoid for him or another being the Rockies' first fly fisherman. Cursory search; nothing. Any, input on that topic?

    Drift, never knew it was called that, just did it like Dad showed me at six. Yes, drift is also part of real flyfishing, dry style. (Drift can also apply to positioning of FF buddies of leguminous dietary habits while camping on the rivers.) Anyway ... wet flies are like shooting ducks on the water.

    Conclusion: Get time to catch up with old friends and write to them kiddingly by leaving work six hours early after working only ten hours. So ... down 20 lbs since Sultanahmet, and while writing right now I'm still enjoying Cheetos, diet Coke, and walnut chocolate chip cookies made with my granddaughters in Kentucky which were subsequently smuggled thru TSA to Houston. Quitting work permanently June 30!

    Good luck on the Henry's! DTJ