Friday, September 20, 2013

Fly Fishing Sisters and Lil' Bro

10 women... 4 boats... 7 mi. of river...

It started out as a journey of the unknown for me...  Michelle Bryant had this fun idea to invite a group of fly fishing women from her Facebook friend list to join up for a fishing weekend.  In the beginning, I was a little bit hesitant.  I usually journey off by myself or form small groups on fishing trips.  I knew about half of the gals that signed up originally already, so I was good to go.   And I was sure that all of us would have a good time because we had something in common...  Love of fly fishing!!

Now we have incredible memories and probably lifelong friendships.

On the first day, I met up with a new fly fishing sister, Brittany.  She came from pretty far away to be with us. (Lewiston, ID)  But, her excitement about fishing new water made me smile.  I love sharing places to fish with others and share my nymphing techniques with those that pretty much dry fly fish.  And she was that.

We met up on the Madison In The Park and ended the day on the Gallatin.  

The Maddy and Me... Yes, in the fog.

My favorite picture of the trip... Bent rod on the Maddy in the Park.
Britt and I fished two different sections on the Madison in Yellowstone.  Then it was time to head out and show Britt another piece of water...

The Gallatin...
Britt and her cutthroat which took her by surprise...

Then, it was time to meet up with the others.  Sorry, but the photographer proof is all I have right now to share...

Sis's.. Heidi, Rachel, Patti, Shelly, Michelle, Aileen, Brittany, Holly, & Tara.
Idaho, Utah, and Montana represented!

We rented out a spacious cabin... Here's Rachel getting ready to head out.
My first day with the girls, drifting down the Henry's Fork.
All aboard!

And off we went for a full day float... Many screams of delight as rods bent to rainbows and browns as we floated down the river
 (after my WHOOHOO!!!! to start us off... ) 
Let's call it beginner's luck... Really.  

I was shocked.  Happy.  Ok.  Ecstactic!!

This guy's tail rocked!!  

But, you can't dwell on the past.  You have to live in the present...
So, we journeyed on.

Here's a double catch by Britt and Heidi with Shelly giving a helping hand.

And of course lunch on the run...

We soon had a great day on the water end.  It was back to TroutHunter for socializing and looking at our pictures of the day!

  (Looks like a few fly fishing sisters/bloggers to me... 
And some FB posting going on...  Ha! )

The next day brought the "Sisters" to Harriman Ranch on the Henry's Fork.  This is a very technical stretch of water that gives the dry fly fisherman an absolute challenge!  And for me?  Well, let's say that I was a good sport.  = )

A beautiful stretch of water that requires skill and patience.  

From Harriman Ranch, we would caravan up to the Box Canyon above the Henry's Fork of the Snake River.   Some of us would float and others wade.
I caught a few smaller rainbows, although there are some very nice size fish in this stretch of water.


It is not uncommon to see an eagle or an occasional osprey.  And then there's wildlife throughout the Island Park area...

Marley Moose was hanging around our cabin too.  = )

Another fun day on the water with my fly fishing "sisters".

I had two more days to fish after we said our goodbyes.  And with so many options in such a beautiful place, it was hard to choose.  How about back to the Yellowstone National Park...

The Madison

Soda Butte

The Yellowstone

Yes, I had plenty of fishing, enough catching, and great "sisters" to hang out with.

Now, you must be wondering who is the Lil' Bro in the title???...
After four years or so in blogging, my dream came true!  I met an elusive fly fishing blogger that has gone to Yellowstone every year but at different times... On the second morning, one of my "sisters" came up to me outside of TroutHunter and had me follow her inside.  I had heard that this Lil' Bro was in the area, but didn't know if we would meet up.  There he was, standing at the cash register.  I came up behind him and gave him one of those big ol' bearhugs that I am famous for when meeting online friends!  He turned his head a bit and exclaimed, "The River Damsel!!"  A few short stories in a five minute conversation pursued as the "Firehole Rangers" lurked looked on...

Ok... He didn't want me scrunching...  Haha.

So, what was the highlight of my trip?  Truly a toss up.  I will just say that having "sisters" for a few days, meeting someone "unaccomplished", and hooking an over 20" brownie made this trip unforgettable.

Special thanks to Michelle Bryant, Shelly Ehmer, JB McCollum, Tim and Chris. (Guys with special photography skills)  
And the girls pictures that were shared with me for this post and the yummy meals that were prepared each day!  Teamwork...  = )



  1. I'm flattered, honored and quite frankly bewildered that meeting me was any sort of hi-light to your trip. That said, it was splendid to finally meet you in person! There were no 20" browns for this angler, however. My Unaccomplished status remains intact.

    1. Kirk ~ I just wished that we had some time on the water together... that would have been cool. Maybe next Memorial Day!

  2. Replies
    1. Alan ~ It truly was. Many good memories of good friends and big fish!

  3. Replies
    1. David ~ Yes... And I'm ready to do it all over again! Haha.

  4. RD
    There is nothing like fishing with others who love the sport as much you do. The post reads like there was very little dry action, and lots of nymphing, which is what I am getting better at doing. Thanks for sharing a great trip.

    1. Bill ~ I never thought that I would meet up with nine other women who have just as much drive on the water as I do! Many different personalities and techniques used. But, in the end, these fly fishing sisters had great respect for each other and supported each other which is really amazing.

  5. Ya just can't beat a trip like that.

    1. Mark ~ A unique experience that I am so glad to have taken part in. Such beautiful country up in that neck of the woods and to have five straight fishing days, wasn't so shabby either. = )

  6. Hey, I have fished those very waters a number of times before, too! Just not with a pretty bunch of ladies like that! Woe is me.

    1. Oh Mel ~ You miss Idaho a little bit, don't you? I would! But, you are with family in Colorado and I'm sure very happy.

  7. Looks like a great trip and I really like most of the company you keep. I to would like to meet Kirk...just to see if I'm taller than he is. Maybe I'll try to organize a Geezer trip.

  8. Howard ~ I must say that I have a great group of friends... online and offline. A very lucky girl. If you are as tall as me, then you are taller than UA. He's a good sport, taking all of our teasing...

  9. Wow! Way to go FF sisters! You totally rock! DTJ

    1. DTJ ~ I must admit. The FF "sisters"do rock! A very talented group of women.