Tuesday, July 23, 2013

River X... The "Bachelorette" River Adventure Finale...

The party was over.  Or was it?  Well, we did bid farewell to Rachel, Patti, and Rebecca.  After talking it over with Aileen, we decided that we weren't totally exhausted yet and had enough wind in our sails for a quick trip out to River X the next morning.   C'mon now, I would have to be on my last breath to say no to River X.  It was in my plans as a third day from the start, actually.  But, Aileen wasn't a definite yes.  I know how to twist people's arms... heehee.   Big, ol' pouty face works too, most of the time.   = )

Hey, Aileen... How about a short day? 
 We will just fish until about 1:00 pm or so...
Oh, you say that sounds good?  Great!!!  Let's go!

Well, I knew where I wanted to head off to first.   I always start at the "RD/RG Run" each time I go to River X.  Let's just say that I am dang lucky on this stretch!  And I figure that I will get the fish that I want and then I can relax for the rest of the day...


A few of these in the morning... Nothing better! 

And the excitement didn't stop there...
 All of a sudden, we heard quite a holler!  As Aileen and I looked upstream, what would we see???  Someone pumping their fists in the air... We didn't invite ROCKY
 to our finale, did we???

Kind of reminded me of this... 

No, it wasn't ROCKY, but our fearless leader, Rebecca!  She was doing a "sort of happy dance" with her fists up in the air and telling us that nothing stops a "Garlock"!!   Haha.   Robert had dropped her off  to fish with us before heading to another section above us.  Yeah, she knew where I would be first thing in the morning... 

Soon thereafter, she had a nice brown trout of her own.   She never wastes any time!   Rebecca was still feeling whiplash from the day before, but "loopiness" now took over instead of constant pain.   Let's just say that she would be good for a few hours... ha.

We fished.  And we fished.  Not too much catching in the afternoon.  Now, I must say that I wouldn't have stayed out so long if Rebecca wouldn't have shown up.  But, we got along just great because Aileen brought this wonderful neck cooler that kept me cool all day long.  (90 degrees usually doesn't go well with RD)   More on that in the next Sunday Tippets...

It was getting into the late afternoon and we had hooked up with Robert again.  Found a few more stretches to try to lure Mr. Brown trout, but very little was happening hatch wise.  By the way, my catches were all on a 22 black zebra midge.  Rebecca followed suit.  This river just loves this midge all year long...  You can never go wrong with putting a zebra dropper on.

How about a 22 on a 22?  = )

Day 3 was fun because we made it that way...  I mean, when Robert asks me if we should wait for a hatch or go eat dinner and I don't have to think twice about leaving...  Yeah, that elusive hatch just wasn't going to happen.   But, we could go find out who could eat more shrimp at Golden Corral...  = )  You know that I'm all about friends over fish.   Why?  Because they keep coming back.  Fish don't.  So unreliable...  Lol.  What a great group of friends to hang with for a few days.   This will definitely go down as one of my favorite adventures.   Thanks, girls (and guys)...   Congrats, Aileen!
 Rebecca put together a slideshow, the 
"Bachelorette Party ~ River Style".  Enjoy...


  1. Great report. That trip looked like a blast.

    1. It most certainly was! And I'm ready to to it all over again...

  2. Just a bunch of party animals on the river. How fun.

    1. Mark ~ I'm afraid so. Girls just want to have fun!!! Ok. Now it's time to get serious and back to work. Ahhh... the real world.

  3. Yeah, yeah it was a great report and the video was fun. Next time I get married there will be no women invited to the bachelor party except the one jumping from the cake.

    1. Howard ~ There will not be another time... you silly guy! Bachelor cake is overrated. I guess that I'm just a pie girl at heart.

  4. I will give it up for you girls! You had a great time and caught some really great fish. My favorite part of the whole thing was "THE COOKIES"!

  5. Mel... You didn't miss those cookies in the vid, did you? Heehee. Rebecca put in a special request for me to bring them. If we ever fish together, I guess that I had better have a fresh batch with me!!!

    1. You got that right, and, oh, a big ol' box of bandaids!