Sunday, July 21, 2013

Hitting The Deck, The "Bachelorette" River Adventure, Part II

What appeared to be footsteps outside the tent the night before, vanished in the night air.  Alas, it was a good night sleep on a thin, foam mattress pad.   The next morning would bring a new member to the group.  Patti would join us as we prepared for a full day float trip in two drift boats.  As I am an early riser, I headed out to the water to take in an hour of fishing while we waited for the rowers to meet us on the river.

7 am... On the water.

8 am... Back to base camp.

8:30... Hmmm... Well, the doughnut holes must have been good!

Patti is starting to wonder if she picked the right seat!

Waiting to launch...
And we are off!
And the Salmonflies are still out in the masses... 
Off of me already!

A nice rainbow for Rachel.

Aileen brings in the ol' whitie.
And I would bring in the second!
Fishing was on the slow side, but we didn't care much.    
Time for a streamside lunch of pastrami and swiss croissants.
And of course, RD's cookies!

 Just chillin'...
A beautiful river to explore
Our fearless leader, Rebecca taking the front as I had the helm on the first day.
Pass the olives, please!  I found out that long handled nets
 on drift boats aren't just used for fish!
Yes, we were all having a fun day amongst our salmonfly friends.
BAM!  Whooooaaa...
The drift boat that Rebecca and I were in, hit the side of the bank as we were in a strong current and starting to go through a corner bend.  There was the HIT, the FALL, and the BUMP... of poor Rebecca's head hitting the side of the boat.   She had been experiencing migraines since the beginning of the trip... this did not help!  As we came back out of the turn... she managed to get back up into her chair, in much pain, but trying to brush it off in Rebecca style.  I have to say that this woman is amazing.  As much pain that was in her neck, jaw and head, she tried to be the best sport and make things alright for everyone to go on. (Even though I knew they weren't)  The rower felt so completely distraught about the situation.  Sometimes accidents do happen.  And they happen very quickly.  She has been to the Dr.
and is hoping for  a speedy recovery!  Love ya, Bec... You rock.  This is definitely not the "adventure in every riffle" that we want repeated...
Now, we couldn't leave the adventure on this kind of note...
So, stay tuned for the FINALE!!!  There's a GOOD surprise in store!


  1. Girls just wanna' have fun, Part II. Seems like a fun trip so far, except for Rebecca's tumble. Sure would like to hear she is doing well soon. Keep us posted. P.S. That big ol' box of bandaids couldn't help with this one?

    1. I have a text message out to her today. No bandaids on this injury... how about a neck brace though? Boy oh boy. This adventure isn't over though... ha! The best is yet to come...

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Mark. We will bring the finale to you on Tuesday! Something tells me that we finally find Mr. Brown trout... = )

  3. Wonderful.
    Waiting to launch....great photo.

    1. That is the "Trifecta" team of Rebecca, Rachel and Aileen!

  4. Great report so far. I'm eager to see what follows.

    1. Hey, Kev... What happened to you? Did you make it out here to fish? Yes, we have the finale coming up tomorrow...

    2. Yeah I made it out to UT. I actually have some posts up with reviews of the trip. Check it out.

  5. Well, my invitation must have gotten lost in the mail. Stuff happens I guess. I was going to be the Man Friday for the crew but my dancing shoes were in the shop and my cast iron skillet was in the wash anyway. Hope you're feeling better Rebecca!

    1. You are always in for repairs... Oh, wait... you said the shoes. Sorry. You will get a fishing invite when I head out that way in the Fall for sure! Put up a prayer for a quick recovery for Bec... yep yep.