Sunday, October 21, 2012

It's All About Comfort ~ Sunday Tippets, Damsel Style

One thing for sure, I can't fish if I'm not comfortable.  If something is pulling, falling, or just being a nuisance... It's going, going gone.  I will let you in on a little secret.  (Well, guess it's not anymore)  I must have been in a brain fog last year when I purchased my waders at half price.  I was in a hurry to buy whatever was on sale.  The fly shop had one pair left on the shelf.  It wasn't my size, but I said that it would work.  Ugh... Mistake #1.  Size matters!  I am wearing an extra tall Men's wader that has a size 13 foot.... Ok.  Call me "Bozo The Clown"!  I deserve it... But, after three "leaky wader" repair jobs (From my own clumsy falls), I'm just about ready to say "NEXT"!!  Ahhh... The Christmas Wish List.  And in the right size this time.

Seriously, being comfortable puts me into my better fishing days...absolutely!  When I don't have to worry about my hip pack falling down off my butt towards my knees or my net swinging until I put it down my backside into my waders... I'm good!  So, we have made some adjustments to ease the anxiety of being all "loosey goosey"...

Sunday Tippet ~ "When you’re on the move, the Stealth Atom Sling comfortably hauls a day’s worth of gear on your back. Stop to change flies and it slides around to the front for easy access. Inside, the Stealth Atom Sling has room for two large fly boxes and has organizing pockets with hook-and-loop closures for all the necessary doodads. Need a flat work surface? The molded, front-zippered panel drops open like a miniature fly-tying table. Tough, highly water-resistant 840-denier coated ballistics nylon with DWR (durable water repellent) finish sheds moisture and protects your goods. More details: top-access mesh-lined security pocket; internal 100% waterproof phone/camera pocket; single external water-bottle pocket with security keeper; air-mesh back panel; highly water-repellent exterior YKK® zippers; fully adjustable neck strap." 

And modeling today will be none other than the River Damsel... enjoying a nice, quiet Sunday afternoon...
Ok...So, you might not like attaching all the gizmos in front like I have done.  But, convenience is the name of the game for me.  If I don't have to swing around the pack too many times, all the better. 
I love the inside pockets and there is plenty of room for several fly boxes, sunscreen, munchies, etc.  Then, there is the waterproof bag.  In goes the phone and camera.  All safe and secure.  And a work table to boot!

And finally, I have a place for my net.  I don't wear a vest, so I couldn't attach it to my back.  And sticking it down into my waders, just wasn't very comfortable.  So, that problem has now been eminated!  One last item, the water bottle holder is a very nice thing to have...not all slings have that.

 I'm afraid though, that the wader problem is still existent for the time being.  Yes, I am tall, but not tall enough for the waders I have... Sheesh!  I better find another pair quick!  It's starting to get cold out there...

Until next time... 

I will stay warm and enjoy my Sunday Funnies...


  1. It's bigfoot...tall hairy bigfoot with a grey hair.

  2. Brian ~ Yes, it could very well be. But, I'm not sure that is a tenkara rod!! Look closer...

    Cofisher ~ What did you do with my friend, Howard? Ya know, the one that has that darling little bald spot under his hat?

    Mel ~ Where are you??? I need help from an older brother... = )

    1. Cofisher...when is your next eye exam? I am seeing highlights in that hair... = )

    2. I am here, RD, don't worry I won't let Howard get too ya'. Believe me I know what gray hair is, I have some, now Howard, what hair he has is "streaked" with gray that is of a permanent nature!

      BTW, nice sling pack. They are becoming quite popular with several companies putting out their version. Nice to see Patagonia, at least, staying in the general price game.

    3. Mel ~ You are such a nice guy to come over and back me up... lol. We aren't afraid of Howie. Are we?

  3. OK. I'm jealous. How long do you think it will be before I have to have one too? I almost bought that when I got my Fishpond pack.

    1. Jeri ~ So sorry to make you thirst for more gear... That isn't nice of me, is it? = )