Thursday, August 16, 2012

Friday Night Lights!!

My son, Ryan, reminded me yesterday of something.  I'm a cat with nine two lives.  And living them at the same time.  This might sound strange, but it is really true.  Sometimes they intermingle and sometimes they separate temporarily.  But, one thing is for sure.  I have a deep love for both.  Family and Fishing.  And so, this is a post for Ryan... as he says, "Mom, all you do is talk about fishing on your blog"!!  So, with humble heart, I dedicate this post to Ryan.  Yes, it's not always about fishing over here!!  We even have embarrassing 90's hairdo's!  Lol.  

Once upon a time, there was a baby named Ryan...born just 10 lbs, 3 oz. and 23 in long.
17 years later...he is now 260 lbs, 6 ft 6 in long.
Don't think that is records slated him for 6'9...don't think we are going there... = )
But, my refrigerator might tell you something different!

Ryan was named after "Nolan Ryan", Owner of the Texas Rangers baseball team and of course, the master of strikeout records and no-hitters of teams like the Calif. Angels which I sat and watched in amazement each time he would pitch a game...  He has an 8x10 glossy from Nolan Ryan, himself...with the inscription, "Happy Birthday, Ryan"...which he received when he was a few months old.

Ryan is also a winner... Amongst family, friends, and teammates. 
He stands tall.  He stands for what he believes in at all times.
For which I am very proud...

He once had the nickname of "Gentle Giant"...this was when he started football many years ago.
Some of it is still lingers when he looks after teammates...but, forget it when it comes to opponents!
They might look at him more as "Blankenstein"!!

It's good to have long arms like a monkey...

And it's good to have long legs like a giraffe...that can still jump a bit!

First Team All Region as a Junior.  Lineman of the Year at Hillcrest as a Junior.
Great honors...but, the best thing of all...
Ryan has been blessed with many talents and good traits. 
The most important being a sincere and loving person. 
 (Along with being a practical joker...)
So, here's your post, buddy.  It's not "fishy" in the least!  Lol.
I am one lucky lady to have four wonderful children who make my world brighter...

Recruiting has started...interviews and highlights...

Thanks for reading and sharing a little bit of RD family time!


  1. Thanks, guys. Now, if he had the time to fish... football leads into basketball... He is a spin fisherman if truth be told. He always is asking to go to the lake. Better than nada, I guess!

  2. I must echo Derek's inquiry. Funny, I didn't even know you had a kid until now. I thought all you did was fish ;) BTW, Blankenship is my maternal grandmother's maiden name. I could be related by blood to Ryan. After all, we're very similar in stature.

    1. Kirk... Someone hasn't looked at FB family And by stature, you mean good posture, right? There might be a slight distant cousin resemblance there!! Lol. My recent genealogy project had me finding out that my boss is my 5th cousin! So, you never know.

  3. Sounds like a pretty amazing kid...and glad to read the words of a proud momma

    1. We have certainly had fun watching all of our children's James throughout the years! Where do the years go, though???

  4. Ryan is an impressive young man. As they say, Mom you've done good.

    ps, I was at the Angels game the first time they put the radar gun on Nolan Ryan. Were you and did we miss each other?


    1. Mark - I guess that we better credit his father too. Ha! And you never know...
      we could have very well been at the same baseball game!

  5. Wow. Just awesome. Someday he may 'grow up' as a fisherman and wield a fly rod.

    1. Marc- I have taken him fly fishing twice, but it hasn't grown on him yet! might one day

  6. Screw the fishing...I want to be able to sell his jersey someday. You know what I mean...

    1. T! - I'm with you on that! Football will make him a whole lot more money than fishing ever will...
      Hope you get the chance to sell #55. = )