Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sharing The Talent Of The Ivories...

Growing up as a kid, I didn't have the outdoor experiences of fishing.  No, that didn't come until much, much later.  (3 years ago, in fact)  My life was at the piano.  It is what made my parents happy.  Music was in our home... Mom was a concert pianist and a piano teacher.  (I didn't have a fighting chance to quit, although I tried! 14 years later, a dislocated pinky from volleyball gave me the "break" I needed)  A youngster that would rather be playing sports anytime.  
Geez...That Farrah Fawcett hairdo in college!

Seriously though, piano taught me about hard work, dedication and well...competition.  Oh, those long drives to "who knows where" to play for judges and an audience of total strangers!   I was a case of nerves.  (It was supposed to get better...ha!)  But, years later, I have come to realize that I had opportunities that not every child has.  And I also learned that when you have a God-given should use it!  I learned that if you don't use it, you lose it.  When I got into college and all the boys like to listen to me play piano, I had to practice up like crazy to get those fingers to move on the ivories once again!  The talent that I got from my dad was composing music.  He is very skilled at it and I like to dabble.  I even put together a few songs to make up a medly for a college talent show.  = ) Lol.

50th Anniv. at my house...No need to hire out entertainment! Ha.

My dad studied opera in Italy in his young adult life.  He still has quite the voice for 80 something and can play piano like "Liberace"...Those trills and arpeggios!!!  Today, I pay tribute to him for his talents of music and parenthood.  He gave his children quite a legacy and memories of having music in the home.  He and my mother always played duets on two grand pianos. And she always made a great accompianist for him to sing his heart out. 

I'm the shorty amongst the piano family!!  Yes, my brothers play the ivories too.

One of their famous melodies that was requested of them to play everywhere they went, was Dr. Zhivago's "Lara's Theme" (Somewhere My Love).  They have played it for friends and family since I can remember back.  Maybe when I was 8?  I have listened to many arrangements on videos this morning.  I found one version that has the same dynamics as he plays this song with.   Thanks, Dad...for sharing your love through music. 

In tribute to my dad...who plays the most beautiful rendition of Dr. Zhivago (along with my mother), I share this version that sounds almost as good as Dad's!!!   I love you, Dad.  You're the best!

   Sunday Tippet:  Have a wonderful and safe Father's Day!!


  1. Great post Em! Lara's Theme was popular when I was a freshman in college. See I am old.

    1. Howard ~ Thanks! You might be older...but, that just means that you have more wisdom than the rest of us!

  2. Hi Emily. A beautiful song and a fitting tribute to your Dad (and Mom)


    1. Mark ~ They have been good parents and have taught me well.

  3. How lucky you are to have grown up surrounded by music and with parents who encouraged you to develop your talent. Sounds like it came in handy with the boys! Cute pictures!

  4. RD
    What a great story and tribute to your parents. I would say you have made a complete 360 from playing piano to fly fishing. You remind me of my Jenny in many ways, who went from dance and piano to fishing with her Dad some years ago. Thanks for sharing a great Father's Day Special!!

  5. Kim ~ Yes, it was almost like living with the Von Trapp family in the Sound of Music!! Haha. There always has to be a motive to push you in something that isn't your favorite thing to do... = ) Boys were it!

    Bill ~ Jenny sounds like a great gal. There's nothing wrong with being well-rounded in your interests and to experience more great things!

  6. MLE,

    Wow! Look at that smile! Is that a DT Hall photo? As one of those boys at college, we loved to hear and watch you play; both were and are beautiful. You are such a good friend!

    Your parents are amazing, exemplary, good people. Congratulations to them on 50!

    Good fishing. Looking forward to hearing about the anti-mosquito strategies. Did you do the -lol- Alaska net hat?