Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Road To Frozen Bison

Well...that is a correct statement!  It snowed in Yellowstone this past week and I have now postponed my trip for a couple more weeks.  After reading the flow charts and fishing reports...I've decided to wait.  So, I must wait for my freedom from my desk job for a bit longer!  But, my freedom to enjoy and discover the secret mysteries of Yellowstone National Park is still around the corner.  But, let's get real...It's June!  I love to fish all year round, but it is time to now fish in warmer weather, isn't it?

I don't want to see frozen bison...

I don't want to be running from bears in the snow...even little ones!

I don't want to be sledding or snowmobiling next to "Fred"!!!

So, turn off the snow makers, Yellowstone!!  IT'S JUNE, for pete's sake!!!

Because I have already been initiated up there once before...

So, I am ready to make my way up north in two weeks...
Would you have the bugs out on the water for me, how about it??? =) 
And maybe a little bit of sunshine would be nice.
I'll even be happy with a balmy 60 degrees.

Thank you.
And Most Sincerely,

The River Damsel 


  1. RD
    Snow in Yellowstone unbelievable, I am looking forward to a report on this trip. By the way I took your post to heart on indicator/nymph fishing you did the other day. I thought about that post today while I landed the most trout I have ever brought to hand on our local tailrace. The post in a couple of days.

  2. Bill !! ~ That is so exciting! Thanks for sharing. So glad you are onto the indicator/nymph rig. It hasn't failed me yet... = ) I will most definitely look for the report! Good job.

  3. I would do something like pray for good weather for you, but in may case, probably wouldn't do any good.


  4. Ack! I was hoping to find a fishing report. Look forward to your trip.

  5. Geez, that's too bad. Fishing in 90 degree heat has been exhausting!

  6. Mark ~ Oh, I bet it would...I will take any prayers I can get! It is actually a frozen mix of crap for the next few days up, I am not missing out on anything. = )

    Steve ~ Sorry, pal. I know you are anxious to hear all you can about your future destination! Seriously, you will be going at a most excellent time of the year up there. Most of the rivers will be open and fishing well. I went that same week two years ago and the hatches were going strong! It will be amazing.

    Howard ~ I fished in heat today and it really wasn't that much fun. I tried to stay in the water most of the time! Ahhh...a long day. I think that we are both getting old. Lol.

  7. Sorry about the postponement, but it sounds like you've been able to fill the void and still manage some time on the water closer to home. Hopefully Yellowstone will be less snowy in a few weeks

  8. Its snowing again today...ha! It might never stop.