Sunday, March 25, 2012

Roadie Food ~ Late Sunday Tippets, Damsel Style

With Spring finally here, it's time to get out the calendar and look at the maps!  And there is nothing like planning the first trip of warmer weather...err...wait a minute.  Oh, sorry!  I just checked the 10 day forcast for Montana and it shows possible snow/rain showers!!  Looks like I'm going to have to wave my magic wand for cloudy, overcast skies and a hint of sunshine.  But, that's ok...we will be prepared for whatever mother nature brings. 

One of my favorite things about a road trip is the travel time.  Sure, I want to get to the destination like everyone else...but, I also enjoy the drive along the way.  So, as I am planning the trip for the weekend coming up, I find myself in the garage finding the cooler, thermos and camp chairs.  And now to plan the menu.  It isn't hard to plan lunches for the road.  But, I thought it would be fun for me to share my idea of roadie food and let the rest of you suggest a few of your favorites that I might like to add to the lineup!

  • Bagels with cream cheese
  • Apple juice, cranberry juice, water.
  • And my usual stop to Starbucks for my Chocolate Chip Banana Bread that I love so much!  We will definitely pack that!  

My favorite Starbucks coffee cake...Choc Chip Banana...mmmm

Why am I posting this late at night?  Now, I'm hungry!

  • Sandwiches are always great for a trip. My personal favorite is a pastrami/swiss on sourdough or rye.  My visit to the deli the day before I leave will include these items for sure!
  • Good old peanut butter and jelly is great for kids.  It's also great for adults like me!!  Pay just a few more pennies and get the peanut butter in the tube. No messy knives and it's smaller than a jar. If you have spare packets of jelly from eating out, use those or buy jelly in the tube, too.
  • Potato salad or pasta salad...kept in the cooler, it will last for two days. 
  • Chips, crackers and cheeses.  And a dry salami stick...packed.  Nothing is more fun than putting together a plate of cheese and crackers along the way!  Cheese sticks are perfect for a snack too.
  • Fruits and veggies.  Apples, oranges, grapes.  Carrot sticks and celery are great too.
  • Cookies ~ Nutter Butters and Chips Ahoy.  Enough said. = ) 
  • Drinks - Of course, the Diet Coke must be the first on the list to make a journey out!  I also like to freeze bottles of lemonade and let them thaw along the way!  And a pack of 24 on the water shouold do it!

  • Time to splurge a little bit and unwind at a local restaurant after a long day of fishing... 

Sunday Tippet :  Extra Things To Remember... 

  • Be sure to bring those extra mayo, mustard, salt, and pepper packets you get from fast food. Don't forget the plastic knives, forks and spoons along with napkins and a paring knife. Make sure just about everything is disposable.
  • In this day and age with so many convenience foods available, it isn't hard to pack a lunch for the road. Even using those convenience foods that are pre-packaged, it is usually cheaper than buying food for the everyone at a fast food place or dining in.
                                           And grab that SNICKERS bar and away you go!!!


  1. Wow! I wish I hadn't seen that Chocolate Chip Banana Bread from Starbucks. I'm going to need a piece of that now. YUM!!! Have fun in Montana, and take lots of pictures!

    1. Kim...Sometimes you have to indulge in the finer things of life! And for comes from Starbucks!

  2. Cool ideas! I'd never thought of freezing lemonade! And yeah, now I'm hungry too. THANKS ALOT! :) lol

    1. Owl...Ha! Guess what? Those pork rinds didn't make the list! I really thought you would catch that... : )

  3. You covered everything I would take. The chocolate chip banana bread looks little different out here. It's more of a coffee cake, but even I (who can down 2 cinnamon swirl or 2 classic coffee cake) can only eat one CCBB. As far as drinks at Starbucks, I'm a Veranda Blond or Pikes Place kind of guy. None of that fru-fru (That's what my brother calls it) kind of stuff for me.


    1. Mark ~ You and I both love breakfast at the same place! How about the berry coffee cake...mmmmm. Ok, enough! I have to wait until Saturday... = )

  4. RD
    I think you pretty much covered everything as far as the food is concerned. I always like food that I can chop on while I casting with one hand and eating with the other. Usually a lot my hits occur when I am cramming a peanut butter cracker into my mouth. I guess I need to put the fly rod and just take the time to eat the cracker. Good Post

    1. Bill ~ Now there is something I haven't tried to catch a mean all I have to do is put a cracker in my mouth and not pay attention...and bent rod with trout? Oh...I'm gonna try that! Heehee.

  5. Beef jerky,check- Diet Mt. Dew, check- a bag of babyback ribs, check. Okay, I'm ready.