Friday, March 9, 2012

Cinching The Knot For Success!

Let's start with the answer to the question last week...Why did I lose my Buffalo Midges to a hungry trout EACH time I had a strike?  I would bring in the fish, and it would break off right before I put out the net.    After much investigation, it has been declared: 

No spit on my Improved Clinch Knot!

       Improved Clinch Knot 
Used to attach tippet to fly
  • Pass the line through the eye of the hook.
  • Make five turns around the line.
  • Pass the end of the line through the first loop, above the eye, and then through the large  loop. Draw the knot into shape.
  • Wet the knot to reduce friction, spit works well. 
  • "Wet the knot to reduce friction, spit works well".  AHHHHHHHH!!!!!  Ok...I was in a hurry and only had one hour left to fish.  Absolutely forgot to spit on the tippet and secure the knot into place each time I replaced the fly!  
  • Slide the coils down tight against the eye.
    • Pass  of the hook. ive turnsthe line. e ef
      Finally, Fish Tuesday came and we landed the three that we lost last week.  Hooray!
         I will never forget again...
        And I will definitely remember that the wind can play tricks with my photo taking!
        Happy Weekend All !!!    I've gone fishin' for a few days!


    1. The biggest mistake that people make with that knot, is not cinching it enough before snipping the tag end. Then, as soon as they get a bite and set the hook, the knot tightens up. When there isn't enough tag end left, the knot fails and fish are lost. - It took me a while to figure that one out!

      1. Nick - I know exactly what you see talking about! I remember the first instructor telling us to leave enough to be pulled. If you don't might end up on the short end of the stick without a fish!

    2. the spit/water is a key step. I read an article in a wisconsin magazine ( cant' remember the exact source and a quick google search is not helping either), but I want to say, not using some type of lubricant, ie spit, can reduce the strength of your knot by 20%. They tried to be pretty scientific about the process of figuring this out, but since I can't site the source, take it wihta grain of salt.

      Good luck fishing!

    3. David- Thanks for that info...very important stuff that I knew but, in the heat of the moment and out of time, I skipped wetting it in place. Dahdada...

    4. Always satisfying to figure some problem out and have success afterward. Now about that wind...let's fix that. Lemme know when you have the solution there.

    5. RD, what you want is this knot...Double loop clinch knot (Trilene knot)

      Scroll down a bit when you get there. Much better knot. Spit optional.

      Increases knot strength by 5 to 10 percent.

    6. Will -ummm...early morning before it hits?

    7. Ken G -. I see it was worth posting my mistake...thanks! I will check that other knot out.

    8. I can't imagine The River Damsel spitting.

    9. Howard - You and me both! Tell you what...I'll do it when no one is looking! Lol.

    10. RD
      Those are some nice looking bows. What was the pattern that fooled those beauties? The clinch knot has to be the best of all knots; it is the one knot I used consistently all the time. Thanks for sharing

    11. Don't actually try to "spit" on it. Just put the knot area in your mouth before you tighten it up. I actually only wet it 1/2 the time. Alot of times when I spit on this knot it doesn't want to pull down all the way - it kinda stops short with a little loop in it. But whatever makes it work for you - there's a good chance I'm doing it wrong. :) But I think we need a video of you spitting on something. You like Skoal at all? ;) J/k ya

    12. Bill ~ These browns were caught on a buffalo midge trailed with a black zebra midge. I have also been throwing a lot of peacock soft hackles and doing rather well. The hatches are back at it again...whoohoo!

      Owl ~ No, I never spit anything...just moisten the line with my lips. Yeah...more like you do. And no video, please! haha Tomorrow should be a a very interesting day! Stay tuned!