Wednesday, November 16, 2011

How To Interview...And Add a Fishing Day!

This post is in reponse to a Tweet from Funcfish and Argosgirl the other day...(and check out their blogs by the way...a lot of great reading!)

About ten years ago, I decided to take up skiing after a very long break from it.  I found a great season pass that would allow me to ski every Tuesday at Solitude, Utah.  And it was about that same time, that I had enough of my commercial janitorial business and wanted to sell out the contracts to ten large buildings.  It just had gotten to be too much of a headache and the hours to supervise it were a killer.   So...halfway, into the ski season, I typed up a new resume and started the phone calls for interviews.  I decided that I would find a job that would allow me to keep my ski passion going on Tuesdays...well, you never know until you try, right?  After a few interviews, I found a small company that was willing to work with my hours and days.  I explained to them that I had a season pass and that I would like to work four ten's each week and I would give them 110%.  The deal was done.  I got the job and after a few years there, I got a little restless and bored and wanted to find something better.

So, the search was on again and I interviewed on my lunch hour each day.  I could see that this time around would be a little bit harder to convince potential employers of my proposal.  You see, the economy was getting tougher and jobs were slim pickin's.  But, I went out with a positive attitude that I would find the right situation and employer to work with me.  I went through a couple of employment agencies that sent me out on interviews.  My resume was polished up.  I was looking for an accountant position with a reputable company.  I figured with my college degree and my work wouldn't take too long.  Well, after a couple of weeks, the day came.  And my world just got better than I had ever imagined.

As I walked into the office of the CEO...I handed her my resume.  I liked her, right off the bat.  She was smart and had a keen mind for business.  She needed a right hand person who would take some of the load off of her.  It really seemed like the right situation as we talked further.  She liked me.  I could feel that positive force going my way.  Then, the "Golden Question"... "Is there anything specifically that you need to work here or you require to have?", she asked.  I replied, "Well, yes.  As a matter of fact, my previous employer let me take off Tuesday's so I could keep my Tuesday ski pass during the winter."  I continued, "If you would let me work four 10 hr. days, I would give you 110% and you would have a very faithful, loyal and hard working employee."  I offered her references from previous employers that could attest to that fact.  She looked over my resume one more time.  As she lifted her head up from the paper, she looked me in the eye and said..."What is your email address, so that I can send you an offer letter?"  BINGO!!!    One thing that I have learned through interviews, is to always tell the truth.  Be honest and forthright and you will be seen as a future loyal employee that they are looking for!

So, in conclusion...I have now been working at my current company for three years and love it!  I work hard for them and they are good to me.  It's a win-win situation.  Oh, by the way...something funny happened the first year that I got there...I picked up a new favorite pastime...Fly Fishing!  And know what happened next, right?  Yep.  I figured that all they could say is "No".  I asked the boss if I could continue my "Ski Tuesday" into a year round day off...for the many family doctor appts. and I just happened to have a fishing license that needed to be used. Huh?  Did I really say that?  No...I just can't remember the exact wording...but, worked.  And now, I have my "All Year" Tuesday off to relax, unwind, and get those things done that are most important!  Whatever that is. <"(((((><<



  1. That's awesome! I'll have to remember to ask for an extra day next time I interview somewhere. Extra time to fish would make me very happy :) I shouldn't complain though - my boss let me take time off to go to a salmon derby. But a full day every week...

  2. Enjoy those Tuesdays!

  3. Argosgirl ~ You definitely have a lot of fun getaways anyway... : ) Thanks for prompting this post! I wouldn't have done it otherwise.

    G Lech ~ Tuesdays are sometimes better than Saturdays...less people on the river! : )

  4. Great that you were able to negotiate the four 10's. The company has discussed that for us a few times but it never comes to fruition.