Friday, November 11, 2011

10 Things You Didn't Want To Know...Friday's "Grab Bag"!

10 Things...huh.  You REALLY do want to know, don't you??

Ok...So evidently, I didn't fulfill my part of being a recipient of the "Versatile Blogger Award"....Yes, I kind of skipped over a requirement, which was to list a few things that you might not know about me and/or my blog.  Like anyone cares!  Well...I have had a few, I guess they do!  And I definitely don't want to go to "Blog Court"!!!  So, here you I reach into the Friday Night Grab Bag...let's see what we come up with!  Things that you didn't want to know, but you asked...

1.  At 12 years old, I performed the Haydn Concerto in D Major (for memory) with my mother on the other piano...(we had two grand pianos in our living room as I was growing up.)  No, I was not a child prodigy...Hey, that is actually the about that??? 

2.  I had Mononucleosis when I was 13 yrs old.  As I remember, this old, frumpy teacher with a tweed coat (aka: Susan Boyle)...came to my house every other day with more and more assignments, so I wouldn't get behind in my schoolwork.  It went on for 3 months...ugh.  Boy, was I glad to get back to school!!  

3.  At 14 years old, I dislocated my pinky finger playing volleyball.  Oh darn!  Piano lessons discontinued!  I didn't like to sit at the piano bench for an hour and a half each day.  It was much more fun to ride into Los Angeles every few weeks and visit the L.A. Dodgers team orthopedic specialist, Frank Jobe.  : )  I loved baseball and he had player pics on his office walls... He was the doctor that performed the famous "Tommy John" surgery. 

4.  In high school, I was on the Field Hockey team...I know what you are thinking...No, I wasn't a tough kid...really the opposite.  Maybe I thought that waving around a stick (or others waving them at me) would make me more outgoing!!  Ha.  Actually, the real reason was because I liked the cool letter jackets that we got.  : )

4.   Believe it or not, I actually had a hole in one at the Newport Beach (CA.)Golf the tee...down a hill...into the cup!  When my dad and I walked down there, we searched for the ball.  As we walked closer to the cup...there it was.  It became my lucky orange golf ball.  Until I left it in my Camaro one summer day and it exploded in the middle compartment!  Have you ever seen string rubber sprung out?  What a mess!

5.  I had a sewing business with a friend where I sewed in the middle of the night and sold sweatshirts in malls and fairgrounds.  It worked out ok, as I could enjoy my afternoons around the pool in the backyard and be a lounge lizard!!  It was a great job for spending more time with my kids during the day too.  This brings me to fly tying...hmmm...I guess that all of my experience with arts and crafts would probably help me be a pretty good tier...C'mon!  Someone convince me!    

6.  One of the most difficult times in my life was when I owned and managed a commercial janitorial business for 5 years.  My family sure came to bat for me!  Did I ever go to sleep???  Well, when someone wouldn't call in sick!  Employees.  Hmmm... Enough of that memory!!  On the bright side, I was able to use my Bus. Mgmt. education from college.  And my teenagers learned a job skill which they were able to use as a part time job during their school years!  There you go... : ) 

7.   Languages that I have studied:  Spanish and Italian

8.   Favorite Foods:  Mexican food...anyday, anytime!

9.  Why do I really Fly Fish?  Because I have this type of personality that if I can't do something...I keep on trying!  I love a challenge.  Plain and simple.  And I found one that will probably take the rest of my life to conquer!  Or at least have a good time trying... : )

10.  Regarding my blog...This month will be the one year mark...Wow!  Time flies when you are having fun!  Because of this special event, there will be a  1st Year Anniversary, stay tuned!  November 24, 2010 was the first post.  And because it falls on Thanksgiving this year...we will break out the party favors when you all get back the following Monday!!  Sound like a plan???  Thanks, my friends.  It's because of my loyal readers that makes this blogging so much fun.  And why I have become a more "Versatile Blogger" than I ever imagined possible...


  1. There. That wasn't so hard was it? You are versatile and I owe you my favorite meal...Mexican. Any time and place.

  2. Howard ~ What am I going to do with you??? That only took 3 hrs to think up boring stuff!! Ha. Mmmm...enchiladas!!

  3. Regarding #5, yes you do really need to start tying mother, in fact, calls it "crafting" when I do. ;) I think that tying one's own flies is really part of the whole thing we call fly fishing. It's the preparation, the thought, the planning. Give it a go. :)

  4. Mononucleosis, been there, done that. Not so much fun, huh. I got mine in the 11th grade. Interesting stuff you find out about your blogging friends.


  5. e.m.b. ~ If I can clear one room downstairs just to be my "craft" room before the end of the year, we will take some classes.

    Mark ~ Nothing like a bit of quarantine to make you appreciate going to school!!

  6. RD
    Something told me that you was a sprots player of some kind, now I know. Thanks for sharing

  7. Bill ~ I have participated and watched sports all my life...good guess!! But, now, I am totally content with going "down by the lazy river" in my spare time!!!