Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sleeping...Do Not Disturb!! Sunday Tippets, Damsel Style

So, if you have ever been in a hospital, you know that an uninterrupted night's sleep doesn't happen very often!  Nurses need to wake up patients to check vital signs and give medications so that the doctor can have the latest lab results when they visit you in the morning.  Well...that's what they tell me anyway!  It is irritating to say the least.  I'm sure most patients would rather sleep all the way through the night.  Well...plan on that later when you get home from the hospital!

I recently brought my husband home from open heart surgery.  Between work, driving to and from the hospital and actually being over there...well, not much sleep came my way either.   When I tried to take a nap in the waiting room during the surgery...well, it was interrupted by a baby crying.  So, I said, forget it!  It was time to get out the magazines and read while I waited during the 7 hour surgery...  But, at least I had something to read!  My great neighbors brought me a care package with reading material... : )

After any surgery or serious illness, I believe a good night's rest is crucial in helping the patient recover from whatever landed them in the hospital in the first place!  Finally, he is getting the rest that he needs to make it through six week recovery period!  He is like the "Energizer Bunny"'s hard to get him to rest.  In fact, almost impossible.  It's like the "man thing" to do...proving that you don't need help and you can do it on your own.  "Oh, I am fine!"  Well...after the first two days home...a little relapse has taken, someone is finally sleeping and letting those around him take care of things.  (Why don't they listen???) Ahhhh....

So, this brings me to my topic of getting a good night sleep ANYTIME!!!  Whether you are sick or healthy...There are many advantages of sleep.  And a good quanity and quality of sleep can improve our health overall.  Now that it is getting colder and heading into winter, those office colds are going to be passed around.  You know it!  A 2009 study in the journal of Archives of Internal Medicine showed that sleeping more than seven hours a night can reduce the risk of catching the common cold.  Now, I know your mother told you that, didn't she???  We've all heard it.  And my thought is, that it's quite true.  Getting that extra hour or two probably is more important than staying up late at night and finishing that blog post!!! (GUILTY!!)  Time management can sometimes cure that evil.  Haha. If it takes another night to finish that post...just do it! 

So, let your system reboot!  Get a good night's sleep...more often!  Get some
power naps in, if you can.  They can also help.  15-20 extra minutes during the lunch hour. (not on the time clock!)  You might be extending your life.  Plain and simple.  Now, excuse me...while I go take a nap.

                                                              No...this is more like it!!!


  1. Right you are Damsel! Oh wait, did you say not on the time clock?

  2. Great post, RD. Wish I could sleep in every day! Then I would be late too work, and, my employer wouldn't like that. Oh, wait a minute, I am self-employed! No worky, no money, no fishing!

  3. Howard ~ That would be correct. See, you had a lapse of memory because you aren't getting enough sleep!

  4. Uncle Mel ~ You would be a perfect candidate to take that afternoon nap...just saying!

  5. My goodness, your husband sounds just like me. Back in 2006 through 2008 I had several trips to the hospital. And, no, they do not let you sleep and they don't let you go home before they are ready. The last stay was at UCSF and they said 7 days. I was ready to go home in 3, but stayed 7. Even then, it was a rough ride home. So, rest is most important. Hope your Hubby is doing well.


  6. Great post, I hope recovery is going well, and some rest is happeneing for both of you.... Thanks for sharing


  7. As someone who truly appreciates their sleep...I really appreciate this post. Another fine tippet!