Thursday, September 30, 2021

The Wydaho Adventure

My last adventure with my friend, Clairey, was before the pandemic of 2020 that started in 2019.   Good grief.  Well, I ended up driving to Wyoming to spend a post birthday trip weekend with her and her family in August.  They really showed this girl a good time.  Great friends, fish and food always make a good trip.  I do not like hot summer weather.  So, I headed out to find some cooler fishing days that the Jackson Hole area has.  The frost on my car the next day told me that I was in the right place!

I love Wyoming.  I think that most of my best friends know that.  Well, here's another reason.

Surprise!  Yes, it is a grocery store.  I thought that I was in heaven.  And I hadn't even been to the river yet.  Haha.  This is not just your every day grocery chain.  There are only a handful of these in Idaho and Wyoming, I believe.  And yes, I have requested that they come to Utah.  The best deli and bakery that I have ever seen in a market.  Needless to say, we stopped every morning that I was there. =)  Yummy doughnuts for breakfast and the BEST sandwiches for lunch.  
The fruit and veggie trays were better than the ones we have.  Haha. I'm so weird. 

Ok.  Let's get back to fishing with Clairey, Cody, and Tanner.  

Two days of floating on the SF of the Snake.  It was a bit slow, but we still got into fish.  And the snacks and lunch were... well, you know.  Broulim's best!!! Haha.

We also had a great meal after fishing.  A bit of seafood flare at the Snake River Roadhouse Grill in Swan Valley, Idaho.  I couldn't believe how this boy of theirs could eat!  Cody and Tanner were braver than me.  I'm not into the fancy appetizers.  


Calamari, mussels, and clams???  They seemed to enjoy it.
My hamburger was great.  =)

We hit a dry fly paradise on the third day.  One of my favorite spots just because of the trees.

Clairey found one of the best cutts in the river...

A beauty!!!

And I released a few myself...

At night, I played cards with Tanner.  He beats me every trip. Haha.

These two are special friends.  Such great people who go all out for you to have a good time.
I cherish our times together and to think that I wouldn't have met them if it wasn't for fly fishing.

There was one more stop on my way home.

I was sure that David would want me to bring home a cheesecake  a couple pieces of cheesecake.  

Bye for now, Wydaho!!! You treated me well...


  1. Emily
    Fly Fishing buddies are the best fishing partners over my tournament fishing buddies long ago. Why because they are more lay back and not in a rush to land or catch a fish. In other words, landing a fish on the fly rod lets one enjoy the experience much more than jerking the fish out of the water with an ugly stick fishing rod.
    Excuse my ranting on, but the statement you made in your post about meeting friends while fishing got my attention. You are the best when it comes to making a fishing trip one to remember!! Great images; the food looks beyond delicious---thanks for sharing

    1. Bill ~ It's true. Fishing in a relaxed environment is totally my style. I don't care how many fish are caught. It's just about getting out and sharing time with friends. It would help my waistline if I wouldn't find desserts along the way. Haha.

  2. That looks like a wonderfully delicious trip. Thanks for sharing.

    1. JJ ~ I lost ten lbs before the trip to gain five back. =) Thank you for stopping by!

  3. Emily I love your posts. You tie in one of my passions and that is food. That array of seafood hits right at home, simple and tasty.

    1. Alan ~ You have to have foodie fishing trips! It's just the right thing to do. Haha. If they had something "shrimp", I would have ordered it. I don't know why I got so excited about a grocery store. But, honestly... It was something special.

  4. I can't believe I missed this post. I know I could never stop at Broulim's. I'd have to take out a second on the house to pay for all those goodies I'd bring home. Some awfully nice fish in the river.

  5. Mark ~ You know my weakness with cookies... Well, my sweet tooth was absolutely satisfied! It is beautiful country where we fished, so the catches were just a bonus to the scenery around. I love the Jackson area. It is just gorgeous and very relaxing.