Sunday, August 15, 2021

Declutter and Simplify - Sunday Tippets, Damsel Style


So often times, we find ourselves sifting through a mess to find one little thing.  It could be that size AAA battery that you thought was in the junk drawer or that one size 18 pheasant tail that you know is in the bottom of your pack somewhere.  Why do we lose these little things?  Because we didn't put them in the right spot in the first place.  They should have gone into a container or box.  Not loose with everything else.  I have found myself in this situation way too often.  So, it is time to declutter and simplify again.  When it is too hot to go outside and fish, I often opt for cleaning out my fly fishing pack and organizing things.  That way, I am ready to go out next time.  I just hate it when I cannot find something and waste time looking for it.  Same goes with my closet.  I just have too much of everything!  Here is what I propose.  And you can join me if you wish...

30 bags in 30 days!!!

(Or 10 bags in 30 days...

A couple bags a week)

Okay.  You can start with smaller bags, but fill one trash bag each day.  Maybe a kitchen size if you want to go smaller.   Now go to one section of the house and start throwing out what you really have not used or worn in a long time.  Why are you holding on to it?  Do you think that you might fit into that pair of pants next year?  I recently bagged up clothes that have sat for a few years.  It just makes sense for someone else to get some use out of them.  Donate!!

~Sunday Tippets~

When you declutter and simplify your belongings, you have more space.  You also have more peace of mind and less anxiety about where things are.  You can now organize the more important things that remain.   

Take a breath and look around.  It will feel great.  I promise.

Have a great week! 



  1. Emily I'm in a constant state of clutter removal. I get a grip on it for awhile and somehow it just dose not stay like that. Fly tying materials are the biggest issue. To much stuff out there.

  2. Alan ~ I believe that our tying desks will always attract remnants and items that should be in the drawers! It is a forever battle with that one. Haha. I have purchased a couple of organizers that have helped a bit. Well, have a great week.

  3. Hi Emily. The only place I have that could be decluttered is my garage. If I do that, then the next thing I need is that something I just threw out. So I don't throw out. Now, where are those 3 bottles of Elmer's glue I haven't been able to find for 10 years.

    1. Yup, you will probably need it. Haha. Sorry, I got lost for a few weeks with that thing you call work. Hope the smoke is clearing up in your area finally! I will hop over to your page and check things out.

  4. Emily
    This is a good sensible post if only more individuals would take note!!
    New clothes are not a top priority anymore for Cathey and me, which has helped with space in our closets. I am amazed at how many flies and poppers I haven't used in years, but I can't seem to let go of any of them---thanks for sharing

  5. Hi! Life got crazy. Sorry for the late response! I definitely have a problem with too many flies. I probably don't use half of them. But, you never know, right? Maybe I keep them all because I spent time tying them. What's funny is that I am looking at my dining room table right now and I have 5 containers of flies that need to be in organized fly boxes. Ugh.......