Sunday, December 29, 2019

The Rear View Mirror of 2019

I learned more.  I grew in many ways.  2019 was not one of my easiest years.  But, I don't think that I signed up for what was easy...  What fun would that be?  Right?  The joy of success comes from hard work, dedication, and maybe a bit of pain. 

Looking back on a year gives you perspective.  It gives you perspective on things that you did. And things that you wanted to achieve, but didn't.  Did you get the things done that were the most important?  And if you didn't, will they be on your list of New Years resolutions?   Well, for me, it all depended on priorities.  And unfortunately, this blog has suffered this past year because of being so busy with the "other" things.  So, for those who still come over and read when I do post a new story, thank you.  I must admit, that when "Windknots and Tangled Lines" pulled their plug, I lost a bit of interest in my own blog.  I have talked to Howard from time to time over Facebook.  I am glad that I still have the connection with him, as he is a very dear friend after all of these years of blogging.  

I traveled many miles in 2019.  Tied many new patterns of flies.  Fished with many good friends.  Caught many beautiful fish.  Layed on the couch the day after fishing because it took everything out of me.  It was a rewarding year on the water and also an exhausting one.  Would I do it over again?  Probably.  But, maybe with a smarter head and pace myself a bit better.  Hahahaha.  This great past time called flyfishing just catches me in its web sometimes.  The dusty roads often lead me to a great adventure.  The water stares at me with all of its beauty of life underneath.  The mountains surround me with 
the ringing of music.  (You know, the hills are alive...
with the "Sound of Music".)  

  • Can you blame me???

My biggest accomplishment this year on the water was getting my youngest son, Ryan, to join me.  And he caught his first fish on the fly.   Nothing could beat that...  He even stuck with me and fished in a rainstorm.   I love my kids so much!  =)

So, I invite you now, to see the beautiful places that I journeyed to in 2019.  May the new year of 2020 give you much joy and happiness. And here's to good health for all of us!  Maybe less cookies.  Ha!   I am indeed grateful to have the fly fishing blogging friends that I have as part of my adventure.  XO 



  1. Very nice. If that's a tough year, hot damn!

    1. Thanks... =) It was more tough to do with health issues. Hoping 2020 will bring changes there!

  2. Hi Emily. Another year in the books. I think 2020 is going to be slower. I know it will be for me as this old age thing continues to develop. A Happy New Year to you and the family.

  3. Mark - I'm all for taking it easy and enjoying life at a slower speed after this year. I'm my worst enemy when trying to do too much! Happy New Year, friend!

  4. Emily
    This post is a motivator for all of us to get out and enjoy the outdoors. In your case and mine fly fishing is that motivator. I have a feeling you will be able to squeeze in a few trips in 2020. Great post hope you guys have a Happy New Year!!!

    1. Hi, my friend! Yes, another year is before us. Maybe the year you come out West again?? Thanks for checking in! =)