Sunday, June 23, 2013

Fishing The Moon ~ Sunday Tippets, Damsel Style

So, we have a "Super Moon" this weekend.  The largest moon of the year to grace our skies.  Amid negativity and skepticism of friends about fishing during a full moon, I decided to test it out myself.   What were the results of going against the odds?  Well, I must say that I learned a few interesting facts about
 "Fishing the Moon"!

Tippet #1

Eat a good breakfast.  This was my nutritious way to start the day.  = )   Especially important because you will need all the energy you can muster to fight all those fish that no one thinks are going to bite..

Tippet #2

Take a self-defense weapon of your choice, as you will need it when everyone else will want to know your secret.  (Even the bears)

Tippet #3

Avoid overgrown, mossy streams.  Thick moss will only tangle you up when catching your elusive, first "full moon" whitefish!   They know where to break off.  You should have seen the one that wrapped line around me two times... I still got him, the little joker.

Tippet #4

Now, that you have foiled the skunk and the "full moon" theory,  go after some happy trout.  Not the mean & ugly bad boys, but the nice, colorful cutthroats for example.

Tippet # 5

Avoid taking a short-cut through the brush.  Don't know if it was the full moon or what, but snakes were out and crossed my path twice!   Ugh...

Tippet #6

Sure, there were fish who I put a fly over their head ten times and had full bellies from their moonlight fiesta.  But, not all make it to the midnight buffet and your caddis larvae and an emerger was just the ticket.

~Safety Net Tippet~

Don't tell anyone that you are going fishing with a full moon.  Just in case you don't catch anything, at least you won't have to listen to their smart alec remarks of "I told you so"!

In Conclusion... My take on "full moon" fishing...  

Some people believe in the lunar tables and fish accordingly.   My take on it is that the insects are more key than the moon phase.  If you have a hatch that is more prolific during the day and didn't produce anything at night, you will have trout interested in your offerings.   My observance of this day was that the larger fish might have had full bellies since they were weren't moving from the bottom of the river.   (It was crystal clear for my observation.)  They could still be enticed, but it would have taken 30 more times over their nose.  Do you take that cookie when you have had a huge dinner?  The smaller fish were still actively rising for a nibble at a falling caddis on the water.  And by casting out an emerging fly pattern, I was able to net enough to keep me happy.    Just remember that if there was a night hatch with the full moon,  there will always be some that missed out.   Heck with bad weather and full moons.  A wise friend once told me "The truth is, you fish when you can fish and if the fishing is slow, you slow down and figure out why, then adapt."   
It's all good...


  1. Any day or night out fishing is better than a sharp stick in the eye...unless you're a masochist.

    1. Howard - It's funny that it didn't effect your fishing either... hmmm.. That sharp stick could have helped out with those snakes.

  2. Love it. When you're hot you're hot. Go for it then!!!

    1. Jeri - I will enjoy the ride while it lasts. Then, back to a normal existence! : )

  3. RD
    The full moon was no help yesterday on the lake for me. I landed two dinks and that was it. I have heard 3 days before and 3 days after will do the trick--so if that is the case I should load up with nice rainbows today and tomorrow on the tailrace. Check back for results--thanks for the insight on full moon

    1. Bill - I will take a look over at your blog to see how you do... Good luck!