Sunday, January 27, 2013

I Can See Clearly Now ~ Sunday Tippets, Damsel Style

There are days that I simply can't see very clearly.  Yes, I admit it.  Ha.  And this week was one of them!  Salt Lake has been buried in an inversion that has brought frigid temperatures, icy roads, fender benders in the valley, and seriously..a little bit of depression!  To get out of the smog/fog or "junk",  I headed for the hills.  Higher ground where the elevation would prove to bring better breathing and better scenery.

Yes, a little bit of time at Alta Ski Resort... Unfortunately, my house is at the bottom 
of the canyon where this inversion starts! 

And then up I-80 to Park City and the Heber Valley which offered some
 solitude and fresh air!

Then, back home again to find a map and this fly box... What a lucky girl I am!

Which brings me to my "tippet" today.  To give thanks.  Again, I am amazed at the generosity of fellow bloggers.  They have shared their time and talents with me on so many occasions.  I posted my wish list of fly fishing trips at the beginning of the year.  And lo and behold, Mark Vibber of Tie and Fly, responds with knowledge of the San Juan.  I emailed him to see if he would share some helpful hints for my upcoming journey out to the San Juan.  And he responds with wanting to share some of the fly menu for the trout out there too...  I thank him for his priceless (definitely more than .50) help and hope that I can now come through with a BIG fish on a "Vibber Special" in it's teeth...

Mark on the San Juan with one of the Rainbows
You can read about it here...

The pressure is on, but I love challenges.  Now it's up to me.  We have a few more weeks of anticipation for these beautiful rainbows.  Let's see if they can be just as generous as my fly fishing bloggers are to me... Please take a look over at Mark's blog today.  He has posted up his thoughts about the San Juan in NM and has shared pictures of his wonderful talent of tying.  These are truly some great patterns and tied extremely well.  Yes, one thing is for sure.  I CLEARLY know what good people are out there amongst the fly fishing blogging community.  Thanks again, Mark!  Looks like another dozen of RD's special cookies are coming out to the Rocky Mountain Frenzy this year!  = )  I think that I will have several boxes of them with me now!


  1. Cough! Cough! COUGH, HACK!
    Gotta love winter in Salt Lake!

  2. Brian ~ I'm lovin' the snow today for one reason. Clean air this week!

  3. Now where did you get that fly box?
    Those tiny flies are awesome.

    1. Alan ~ It's a Montana Fly Company box...
      They come in aluminum or plastic, which I have.

  4. Have fun on the Juan! So glad I could help you out!!

    1. Mark ~ Thank you so much for the valuable info and flies! The anticipation is surely driving me crazy, but the day to leave will finally be here! = )

  5. RD
    What beautiful scenery there, with lots of cold temps, which is one plus for me and my wife living in the Deep South. Those flies are ever so tiny, what size are those little jewels? I would need my super magnifier to see the eyelet. Thanks for sharing

    1. Bill - Don't get too nervous on the fly size... Only in the winter do the bugs get this small. You are looking at 24-30. Yes, I'm rolling my eyes at the 30 too. : )