Sunday, December 9, 2012

Holiday Gear Gifting ~ Sunday Tippets by Michael Agneta

Mike, admiring my car stickers...
When I needed to select a Sunday Tippets
guest writer for this week, I knew who to throw the gauntlet to.  If a guy can write a few "nibbles", he must be able to come up with a "tippet" or two...  Yes, none other than Michael Agneta, Mr. Troutrageous.  It was my pleasure to meet and fish with Mike a few months ago.  I follow his blog because I often need some humor and he usually delivers that up!  He now brings you some valuable "tippets" and even a bunch of dancing bananas.  Thanks, Mike! 

By Michael Agneta

It's the holiday season...whether you celebrate Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, Festivus, whatever...let's face it, commercialization has pretty much taken over all aspects of what is traditionally a season rooted in faith and gratitude.
That said, there's an expectation of gift giving, and quite frankly gift receiving. If you're reading this blog, it means your most likely an Outdoorsman...or for those that don't like using "man" to refer to "us" as a general group...Outdoorswoman. You're also probably a fly fisher. Aside from the serenity gained from a day out on the water, you appreciate good equipment, and are probably quite particular about it.

Now your significant other, your ungrateful kids, and if you're lucky enough to still have them alive and kicking, your parents know you have a passion for fly fishing too. Not quite understanding the difference between dry flies, wet flies, and nymphs, they will likely bestow on to you wonderful gifts such as the following:

A giant spool of fishing line, because they know you like a delicate presentation. To them, 8lb test is the same as 8x tippet.

A pack Treble hooks, because they figure 3 hooks are better than one when you
tie up your next batch of Parachute Adams.

A bunch of bananas. Need to make sure you don't get hungry in your drift boat.

A brand new landing net, because carp are the same as goldfish, right?

A bamboo cane pole and some twine - They overheard you saying
something about trying that Tenkara thing out.

A brand new fly box.

And last but not least, a copy of Thelma & Louise on Blu-Ray. You watch that movie with Brad Pitt fishing all the time, you're clearly a fan of his.

(Editor's Note:  There is no objection to this picture being posted on this site)

Sunday Tippet ~ No matter how much you don't like the gift you received for "Holiday X," do not indicate any displeasure. Just thank the giver and give them a big hug and kiss. Because quite honestly, they hate the gift they just unwrapped from you 100x more.


  1. Always a good laugh when Mike is around.

    1. Thanks Mark, I try. Sometimes more, sometimes less, but I try.

  2. Hey Mike, that was some funny stuff. You should write your own blog...oh wait. Never mind. Do they sell those Handerpants in boxers?

    1. No, but I think they have longjohns for you. Can't figure out what the flap in the back is for though...

    2. Oh, I guess I've been wearing them backwards...thanks!