Thursday, September 15, 2011

An Exclusive Interview...With MR. "D"

UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL...After I have been tossing this idea back and forth for awhile now, I have finally decided to let fate win out.  I mean, yes, I could lose a few readers...heck, I could lose more than that!  But, I am always one to try something new and different.  So, I bring you an exclusive interview with none other than MR. "Damsel".  (In reference to what Cofisher calls him, or was that Poor Mr. Damsel !) 

As I was fishing the other afternoon, I asked Mr. "D" a question...what is it like to live with me...hahahahaha.
That led to few more questions and then he started writing.  Oh dear!  That's all we need.  Another blogger in the household!  LOL.  So, here is HIS big time shot in the spotlight.  He's lovin' this, by the way.  Enjoy.  And feel free to leave comments.  I'm sure you will have some! Ha.

RD:  MR. "D", What do you do when the River Damsel is fishing? 

MR. "D":  First, as most of you know, I don't fish.  Two reasons...I'm too competitive and this is The River Damsel's hobby.  Secondly, I take a good book/magazine and sit by the river and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors.  Lastly, I have plenty of time because The River Damsel doesn't actually do much fishing because:  She is getting geared up (at least 30 min); getting a snag out of a tree/shrub; or on the phone. (Ask Owl Jones about that!)

RD:  First of all, the above answer is totally untrue. ; ) ...So, when you go with The River Damsel to fish on a local long of a journey is it?

MR. "D":  She always says an hour or two, but it usually turns into four to five hours (or more) because (see paragraph above). This is why I don't go too often...someone needs to make dinner!

RD:  Has The River Damsel improved sinced she started fly fishing?

MR. "D":  Absolutely!  She can get a snag on the first cast of the day and she can catch a fish on her first cast also. 

RD:  MR. DAMSEL, does she have any problem fishing with her long french tip nails?

MR. "D":  No. she can scratch a back wonderfully.  Oh, you meant fishing...I truly think that it is her eyesight that is going.  She just better remember those magnifiers!

RD:  Does The River Damsel only listen to country music?  

MR. "D":  No, suprisingly, she listens to a wide variety of crap.  Anything from Pink Floyd to The Commodores.  Ok, that was awhile back.  Waaay back. (Her favorite is Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash)

RD:  Does The River Damsel enjoy her blog?

MR. "D":  You can say that again.  She comes home from work and spends 3-4 hours that night on the computer. (Nothing compared to Owl Jones 24/7...) Ha. (In fact, my son just walked in and said, "Does she post every night?!!!")

RD:  No, I don't!!! 

MR. "D" Rebuttal: be honest, I don't know how she gets it all in.  She is a great wife, mother, worker, and has many talents and gifts...   

RD:  (Blushing)

FINAL QUOTE FROM MR. "D"..."I must say that she has learned a lot during the past three years since this fly fishing craze started and thanks to all of you that have shared your time and expertise with her on this blog.  She really does appreciate it.  She loves writing about her adventures and she surely has some!!


  1. It's nice to finally hear some truth from this blog. HaHa! Good interview.

  2. What a great idea, interviewing the mysterious Mr. D! You could have at least posted a picture...any picture.

  3. Luke - I don't know what you mean! Ha.

    Cofisher - Hmmm...I will look around. There must be one somewhere!

  4. I'd a posted a picture of Homer Simpson. We'll believe anything out of Utah.

  5. Howard - Isn't it more fun having a mystery?? I bet you always knew what you were getting for your birthday growing up..huh?

  6. OH You Brave ..Brave... Brave thing you! I loved reading this! But no way I'd ever turn Mr. Wild Woman loose in an interview... his memory is waaay too long LOL
    Really entertaining and enjoyable to read!

  7. I'm rolling in laughter...can't type. Geez.....

  8. Gretchen ~ It's always a risk asking someone that knows you well to answer some questions!

    Will ~ Glad to be of some humor to you...