Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Keeping Those Brown Trout In Czech!

Oh my...I had such a dilemma today...Ok...you are looking at the picture and saying, "What dilemma"?  Well, usually, I have Tuesdays off and I call it my "Ski Tuesday" in the winter and my "Fish Tuesday" in the summer...But, as I gazed out the window at the beautiful, freshly fallen snow during the last 2 days...I couldn't decide what I wanted to do!  I mean, 24 new inches at the ski resort was soooo inviting.  But, this morning as I went to the computer and looked at my "Sunday Tippets" still sitting there...I knew what I had to do.  So, let's get this blog back to FISHING, shall we?!!  Quickly, I got the fishing gear together, I hopped in the car and started towards the Provo River.  I had heard that was the place to be.   So, I drove right past the ski slopes....(and they looked mighty fine)...But, I was on a mission today...you see, I was totally, I mean, TOTALLY excited to fish after viewing this promo video last night...CZECH it out!!!  Then, you will see why I had to fish...If this doesn't get your blood pumping and your fly pole in the truck, I don't know what will... Oh, and turn up the speakers!!!...


Nice trail...huh??

Absolutely, what I needed to get myself stoked about fishing in the winter again...The last few times, I have struggled a bit.  No real hatches going on.  But, this fish video got me motivated and so the journey began again...And off I went drudging through two new feet of snow to get to the river!  (It took awhile, let me tell you...)  There was a burrow next to that log and a little varmint peered out at me for a second.  That surprised me!  This snow was a workout.  It should take the place of my treadmill tonight...

The Middle Provo River

Finally, I made it to the river.  Oh, a partly cloudy day and 20 degrees...delightful! Haha. With my new set of Czech nymphs in tow, I was ready.  I saw that one of my favorite holes was open around the bend.  Nice!  A place that I could call my own.  And guess what?  Fish were rising...to a midge hatch!  Now, I had already decided at the car to put on the midge as an attractor, followed by the heavy Czech nymph.  A friend gave me a new Czech stonefly to try and with the third cast, wallah!  "INCOMING"...it was a beautiful thing to watch.  Almost too easy.  I was saying to myself, "Is this real"?  A brown beauty came into my net with a big ol' brown stonefly in his lip.  Within another half hour, I had another.  I was really digging the European style of fishing.  What was crazy was that I could have been throwing a few  dry flies and catching too...But, I was having way too much fun with this Czech stonefly!  Until...

Awesome Lamson reel...just not today!
A "reel" misfunction...well, of some sort! I couldn't figure it out...my line came out underneath and I had to open it back up and when I did...I couldn't get the d@*! thing to click back in all the way...ugh, a perfect day in the making and it was going to be cut short.  It was just too long of a walk to go back and get my backup reel.  Well, with my couple of brown beauties, I was happy anyway.  So, my journey was now going to take a turn down the road to the fly shop in town which took it apart and fixed it in no time.

I  DO wear pink camo!
 So, my day was a success.  All in all, the Czech nymphs worked like a charm.  The straight line nymphing is really fun and I'm definitely going to do a lot more of it this year. I love the feel of the set rather than watch a little bubble indicator...I picked up my reserved copy of the new video at the fly shop as they fixed my reel...It is hot off the presses as it was just put out on the shelves at the end of 2010...Ya know, I think that I will take a seat on the couch, enjoy my Polish sausage and sauerkraut and slide this European Nymphing Vid into the DVD machine.  And try not to get too excited about next Tuesday when I have to make another tough decision... I'm out!


  1. The music for that preview is quite dramatic.
    Don't stress yourself out over those tough decisions about whether to have fun skiing or have fun fishing. Whatever you decide will be the right choice. I don't think you can go wrong.

  2. very nice... Browns are such a stunning fish-

  3. Two nice trout under those conditions is a good day despite the technical difficulties.

  4. Jay ~ You gotta believe me...Czech nymphing is almost as exciting as that music!! :)
    Fish Tales ~ Thanks...brownies are my favorite fish.
    Mark ~ Yep, sometimes you need to overcome the obstacles...I'm tellin' you what...that was deep snow! I'm such a crazy nut... ;) And a lever just got jammed somehow inside the reel and none of us saw it...but all is well now!

  5. Two beautiful browns. Its been a while for me.
    Maybe tomorrow.


  6. the DVD is great and well worth the $$. I bought a copy directly from Aaron at the Somerset show. But, don't expect trout bum diaries-style fasted paced fish porn. It's straight-up technical instruction on czech and spanish nymphing. The fly tying part is well done also. His drone stone pattern kicks ass.

  7. Okay Nice Buff , Better than the UGLY one you wore in your last Pic but free is free got me there . . . A very good friend of mine got me that video for a X-mas gift just tweeted about it a few days ago myself Aaron Jasper is a straight up pro at this stuff a great one for all begginers or the pros can learn something from him HIGHLY Recomend to all . . .

  8. Brk Trt ~ Go get em', don't wait any longer!
    Pat ~ Thanks!!
    DTT ~ Oh, how I wish that I could meet Aaron!!! The video definitely is one to stop that pause button on, take notes, rerun over and over. Can't wait to try the stone pattern!

  9. Journeyman ~ Regarding the Buff...you get what you pay for, I guess! And I'm with you on the vid...

  10. Great Story---you had me reading word for word when you decided to hit the river instead of the slopes. I agree about losing the indicator, I opt for the tight lining any day. Thanks for sharing

  11. Bill ~ Ha! And if I had picked the slopes??? Well, I didn't and I was rewarded for sure...

  12. Okay, who deleted my post? Nice story RD. Sounds like a great little trip. Too bad about the reel but glad you found someone who could repair.

  13. I used to live in pocatello and miss the winter :( Vegas really doesn't have winters

  14. Right on! that's the way, love the black head on that fly and it looks perfect in the lip. I think the fish are trying to tell you that they dont like sking... I'd be listening to em I think.

  15. Howard ~ Did I delete?!! :( Maybe I was on the mobile. Sorry!
    Dustin ~ Pocatello has one thing going for it...on the way to Yellowstone! :)
    Bigerr ~ You just made my day.